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Trump legal team will ‘get their clock cleaned’ by Supreme Court in challenging Pennsylvania election results, official says #WallSt 

It is easy to win trade wars. Ask China. It just cleaned Trump's clock on trade.

Trump cleaned George's clock in the interview

Bottom line: Trump had two years of total Republican control of Congress and couldn’t get his wall built. He waits until he gets his clock cleaned in the midterms, loses control of Congress, to draw his line in the sand. It just doesn’t get more stupid than that.

“Though Trump spoke defiantly, the consensus view from officials of both parties on Capitol Hill was the Trump’s clock had been cleaned.”

Face the facts: Any Republican who runs against Trump in 2020 will get their clock cleaned. On the other hand, they’ll have the press on their side.


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GOP pollster Ayres: "By any traditional measure, Hillary cleaned his clock. Which based on last year probably means Trump goes up in polls"

I think Trump gets his clock cleaned. But remember @SpeakerRyan  and everyone else who endorses this.

When Trump's clock is cleaned either this summer or this fall, there are gonna be a lot of people waking up with some bad hangovers.