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U.S. secretary of state plans virtual visits Friday with Trudeau, Garneau, Mexico

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday that mandatory hotel quarantine measures for air travelers into Canada will come into effect on Feb 22.

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“We’re not trying to punish people. We’re trying to keep people safe," said Trudeau at a Friday news conference.

Canada’s Covid-19 vaccines rollout will be back on track in March with stepped up deliveries of doses to make up for recent delays, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday.

Canada is now on pace to get all of the approved COVID-19 vaccines it has purchased over the next seven months, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday.

Air travellers landing in Canada will have to quarantine in a hotel, at their own expense, starting Feb. 22, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday.

Canada's new hotel quarantine rules will come into effect on Feb 22, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday. Here's how a hotel quarantine in Canada compares with hotel quarantine in other countries

#BREAKING : The man accused of ramming through a gate at Rideau Hall and heading toward Justin Trudeau’s home while armed pleaded guilty to eight charges on Friday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterated Friday that Canada still expects a total of 6 million vaccine doses by the end of March, despite recent delivery disruptions.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tried Friday to reassure Canadians his plan to vaccinate them is working despite mounting criticism his government is not getting vaccines soon enough.


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NEW: White house says first foreign call President Biden will make will be to PM Trudeau on Friday

Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden spoke by phone for 30 minutes on Friday. The prime minister expressed disappointment over the new president's Keystone pipeline decision and Biden pledged to work with Canada on the 'Buy American' policy.

Biden’s first call to a foreign leader will be to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday.

NEW: Canadian Prime Minister JustinTrudeau says Trump incited rioters “What we witnessed was an assault on democracy by violent rioters, incited by the current president and other politicians,” Trudeau said during a press conference Friday.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a blunt warning to the Trump administration on Friday saying that forbidding 3M from shipping crucial supplies of N95 masks to Canada "could hurt Americans as much as anybody else."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday vowed to fight for two Canadians charged by China for espionage

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Toronto on Friday to talk affordable housing. Unfortunately, the PM was difficult to hear over the sound of boos and protest chants shouted over loudspeakers by protesters. READ MORE:

#BREAKING : Trudeau announced Friday that irregular migrants will be turned back to the U.S. when they reach the Canadian border.

The Associated Press has also fact-checked Trump’s comments on Canada/Trudeau/trade Friday night. The verdict: “Trump’s account is puzzling and at odds with U.S. trade statistics... Trudeau is right that the US has a trade surplus with Canada.”