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A couple of spots to watch for in the tropics this week (really). These systems are not expected to impact SE TX, but for those keeping track, the Atlantic basin is now at our 26th storm for 2020...with 2.5 months to go. The record is 28 storms in 2005. #houwx  #txwx 

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The National Hurricane Center is monitoring two disturbances in the tropics, including one likely to form in the next two days.

TRACKING THE TROPICS: Forecasters are tracking two systems, one of which has a high chance of becoming Tropical Storm Epsilon, which would be our 26th named storm of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. 

LIVE: It's 'Coffee Talk' on a Sunday morning, and we're looking great! Let's talk forecast for today, tropics, and everything in between. Join us! Discuss!

Warming trend on the way, more action set to spark in the tropics, plus find out if showers will impact your outdoor plans in the 7 day tracker coming up! @Kelly_WPMI  has your forecast on NBC15 News right now! @mynbc15  #alwx 

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Heading out for the weekend? Whether you are enjoying the fall colors or hitting the beach one last time, make sure to keep an 👁️ on the tropics! @NHCDirector  gives you an update in under 2 minutes! ⏲️

We continue to monitor two areas in the tropics. One east of Bermuda is likely to become Epsilon while the one in the western Caribbean is unlikely to develop in the next 5 days, but could develop by next weekend. We will monitor both closely.

LIVE: It's 'Coffee Talk' on a Saturday morning and we're looking GREAT! Let's talk weekend forecast and a NO HYPE look at what's happening in the tropics. Join us! Discuss!

Despite tropics getting busy, no threat to the RGV

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Jackie Moon's resume is as impressive as it gets: 🌴 Owner/coach/player for the 4th-place tropics'>Flint Tropics 🌴 Acquired his starting PG for a washing machine 🌴 Wrestled a bear 🌴 Released a hit single, "Love Me Sexy"

Semi-Pro was released 12 years ago today 🌴 Never forget when Jackie Moon invented the alley-oop to lead the tropics'>Flint Tropics to victory in the Flint Michigan MegaBowl.

arrived in Bali! here for two weeks to write songs on the beach. not bad... I could get used to this. #tropics 

Trump shadow consigliere Steve Bannon was and is deeply involved in the campaign of Bolsonaro, the extreme “Trump of the Tropics” who just became president of Brazil. Whatsapp was weaponized with paid disinformation. Social media again became a tool to get a monster elected.

Increased rainfall in tropics caused by more frequent large thunderstorms: #EarthRightNow 

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a 13 hour to the tropics is in my future. cheers to international flights!