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It’s orchid blooming time at the Botanical Garden of Tomsk State University. The garden has nearly 400 species of orchids & welcomes residents and visitors to have a walk about its tropical galleries...perhaps welcome even more on a cool -15C day like today. @ TSU, Oleg Asratyan

Climate zones — like tropical or temperate — represent not just temperature but water resources, vegetation, and where animals and humans can live. Several recent studies looked at how these climate zones are changing & what it means for life on Earth.

The remains of the long-lost ship were uncovered on a Florida beach after Tropical Storm#Eta  powered its way through in early November. #flwx 

Another tropical threat is taking shape over the Bay of Bengal only days after deadly Cyclone#Nivar  slammed southern India:

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It's been another record-breaking year for disasters. In addition to #COVID19 : • 48,000+ wildfires burned over 8.6 million acres • 30 tropical storms in the Atlantic What can policymakers do to deal with rising costs?

The mansion was designed and built by the Miami-based architecture firm Choeff Levy Fischman, which specializes in “tropical modern” architecture

#Flickr image of the week: Five #hurricanes  and one tropical depression have caused disruptions to #crudeoil  production in the Federal Offshore Gulf of Mexico through November 4.

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From jagged mountains and tropical islands to sandy beaches and massive lakes, the U.S. is home to some spectacular natural wonders.

PA Would you rather live in Panama's tropical capital, or colourful, mountainous Bogotá, Colombia? CO


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As he contests the election, Trump has largely stopped governing: His public schedule hasn’t included an intelligence briefing since Oct. 1 No foreign lead call readout in weeks No statement on Tropical Storm Eta No COVID task force meeting in months

The West Coast is on fire, the color of the sky turned red, the air in many parts of the U.S. is dangerous to breathe, there are 5 simultaneous tropical cyclones in the Atlantic, an 800-mile derecho destroyed Iowa towns. And yet they ask: How can we afford the Green New Deal?

We continue to monitor Tropical Storm Laura closely and stand ready to help!

With Tropical Storm Fay heading towards the Great State of New Hampshire this weekend, we are forced to reschedule our Portsmouth, New Hampshire Rally at the Portsmouth International Airport at Pease. Stay safe, we will be there soon! #MAGA2020 

We are tracking closely tropical storm Dorian as it heads, as usual, to Puerto Rico. FEMA and all others are ready, and will do a great job. When they do, let them know it, and give them a big Thank You - Not like last time. That includes from the incompetent Mayor of San Juan!

There’s lots of things happening in this video: 1. MY FAM AKA US TROPICAL MIAMI BABIES IN THE SNOW FOR THE FIRST TIME AND TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL:: SKIING FOR THE FIRST TIME 2. My rendition of “I believe I can fly/ ski” 3. My sister at the end pushing my dad out of the way

The Amazon rainforest: -Is the world's largest remaining tropical rainforest -Is home to at least 10% of global biodiversity -Produces 20% of the world's oxygen -Helps regulate the planet's temperature Without it, climate change could become irreversible

There's an increasing chance for #Dorian  to bring a triple-threat of dangers to the Florida east coast... ?life-threatening storm surge ?️devastating hurricane-force winds ?️heavy rains The onset of tropical storm force winds could be as soon as Saturday evening. Prepare NOW.

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So we got married last weekend in a beautiful tropical jungle in Malaysia ? Thank you all for your best wishes and kind words. We are beyond happy! #adamxalis  photos by

Still waiting for Donald Trump to be downgraded to a tropical shit storm.