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The Department of Homeland Security wants troops to remain at the U.S.-Mexico border for at least the next three years, its officials told the Government Accountability Office during a review of the Pentagon’s mission there.

CLEARED FOR RELEASE: Working together with the ISA, we apprehended suspects who attempted to carry out a car-ramming & shooting attack against IDF troops west of Jenin last month. We remain ready to operate against all attempted attacks.

As India and China began talks for the second phase of disengagement of troops at the LAC, #GeneralMotors  and #GreatWallMotors  say they remain hopeful of clearances to complete their deal for a car production facility in Maharashtra.

Violence concerns | National Guard troops to remain in #Washington 

Nearly 5,000 National Guard troops to remain in Washington through mid-March over violence concerns

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Nearly 5,000 National Guard troops to remain in Washington through mid-March


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Our fellow citizens in those areas are standing strong. Their motto – everything for the Motherland, may the lands return swiftly. They will remain there to the end and provide moral support to our troops.

Nixon’s last Defense Secretary, James Schlesinger, was troubled that Nixon might exploit the military to remain in office, despite Watergate. Schlesinger quietly issued a requirement hat any major Presidential order involving troops or weapons be endorsed by himself or Kissinger.

7 years after the US - led by Obama, Hillary & - bombed Libya in the name of "humanitarianism" along with the UK & France & then utterly ignored it, the country is so violent, unstable & dangerous that US troops can no longer safely remain

Pentagon signs orders for all 900 active duty MPs brought to bases around DC, to return home. They will follow 700 82nd Airborne troops sent home to Ft Bragg yesterday. The MPs will return to Bragg and Ft Drum today, senior defense official tells me. 4500 National Guard to remain

Kataib Hezbollah protesters breaching the gates of the US embassy in Baghdad. They say they will stay till US troops leave. It’s the biggest US embassy in the world & supposedly secure but hard to see how diplomats can remain now

"To be clear, we are not abandoning our Kurdish partner forces, and U.S. troops remain with them in other parts of Syria."

In a further demonstration of the helter-skelter of US Syria policy, 200 US troops will now remain in Syria to guard oil fields from ISIS. Question is: if oil fields are worth protecting, why not the escaped ISIS fighters? Or former US allies the Syrian Kurds?

It’s unfortunate that US officials apparently never asked or coordinated with Iraq before announcing that our troops withdrawing from Syria would remain in Iraq. Losing these forces altogether removes a significant capability against ISIS. Major loss.

Great sobering Trump press conference past doesn't define future Kim committed to denuclearization troops will remain but no military exercises sanctions remain human rights will be resolved after nuclear weapons summary: talks direct honest productive

So Chinese troops remain in Doklam in large numbers, increased strength, and have built roads there? Government must clarify about what the disengagement deal actually entailed.