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TikTok isn’t a harmless app—it’s a Trojan Horse. Watch my interview here:

@TomCottonAR : "Joe Biden's campaign really is a Trojan horse for the far left of the Democratic Party... Beto O'Rourke is going to run his gun control policy, which is going to be gun confiscation. They're going to give amnesty to millions and millions of illegal immigrants."

Sky News host Paul Murray says the Black Lives Matter movement is being used as a “Trojan horse for a lot of craziness” amid discussion on Rugby star @IzzyFolau  declining to kneel in recognition of the movement.

During an appearance on Fox News, Sen. Tom Cotton said TikTok is a "Trojan horse on your phone" that "vacuums up all the data."

"The headlines should read even Clinton campaign thinks Joe Biden can’t handle President Trump. Joe Biden is such a hollow shell, a trojan horse, and a puppet for the radical left,” @marc_lotter  tells Newsmax TV. "The American people are not going to settle for that."

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you missed that Trojan horse meme lord thing?


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Sleepy Joe Biden is just a Trojan Horse for the Radical Left Agenda. He will do whatever they want!

1) Should progressives and liberals trust @ProjectLincoln ? Are they full converts, temporary allies of convenience, or a Trojan horse virus that Dems should be wary of? I had a long, spirited talk with one of the group's founders. It got interesting.

Joe Biden is now fully beholden to Bernie Sanders, AOC and Ilhan Omar, the radical, left-wing mob. Their 110-page “Unity Task Force” plan is just plain nuts, and Biden has become a cut-and-paste Trojan Horse for the radical left.

#BREAKING : VP Mike Pence warns that Joe Biden is a "Trojan Horse for a radical agenda: "So radical, so all-encompassing, that it would transform this country into something utterly unrecognizable."

Gaetz Calls for Ban on Use of Chinese "Trojan Horse" Drones by US Law Enforcement

I’m a cancer specialist in Teeside, one of the UK’s most socially deprived areas. It’s vital that the people in the North understand that #Brexit  with a Johnson led Tory Government is a Trojan horse for an even harder form of Thatcherism that will devastate our regions.

Trump and Republicans' tax plan is a Trojan horse that will pave the way for deeper cuts to education, health care, and other programs.

"If you now try to hold us in against our will, you will be facing Perfidious Albion on speed." Conservative Brexiteer Mark Francois says the UK "will become a Trojan horse within the EU" if Theresa May is given a Brexit extension.

NO WAR FOR OIL IN #VENEZUELA ! US sanctions are killing Venezuelans. UN & Red Cross ARE providing aid & refuse to help US "aid": a Trojan Horse for military intervention. Like Iraq, MSM is churning out regime change propaganda. It's up to US to stop war machine! #HandsOffVenezuela 

Trump's rumored “religious liberty” order is a Trojan Horse for #LicenseToDiscriminate . We must keep fighting for #LGBTQ  equality.