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Now that @drsanjaygupta  is on the record as saying CNN “shouldn’t have said” what they did about @JREpodcast  taking ivermectin, ole’ horse-worm Rogan has grounds to sue — and should.

These videos show a horse getting spooked and galloping around the interior of a crowded restaurant. The restaurant offered ‘heartfelt apologies’ to any customers affected. Credit: bogotavegana

The funny thing about the media trying to pass off ivermectin as “horse dewormer” to avoid it being talked about is that now, their total disregard for the truth has resulted in an embarrassing situation where it is DEFINITELY a talking point. Idiots.

'I crashed my car watching horse racing and stole from my mum's purse' admits footballer who blew £250k on betting

NASA is set on Saturday to launch a first-of-its-kind mission, dubbed Lucy, to study Jupiter's Trojan asteroids. #NASA  | #LucyMission  | #Space 

The fastest man in Australia delivers the trophy for the fastest horse in Australia! #TABEverest 

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Studying the Jupiter Trojan asteroids might unlock some clues about the formation of our solar system. Hal Levison of @NASALucy2Trojan  explains what he hopes to find out using new technology to study these objects, on our “Babbage” podcast

During the 12-year, $981 million mission, NASA will use robotic spacecraft to study eight Trojan asteroids following Jupiter’s orbit around the sun.


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You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y'all. Stop it.

"OMG THEY'RE PLAYING MY SONG." - the horse at the club

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Sew one button, doesn't make u a tailor; cook one meal, doesn't make u a chef; but f* one horse and u r a horsef*er for all of history...

Gunshot victims left waiting as horse dewormer overdoses overwhelm Oklahoma hospitals, doctor says

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Great—my horse has worms and the pharmacy is out of everything except COVID vaccines.

Good lord this video. Like a thoroughbred making a late break in a horse race

Oh nothing - just a horse being tucked into bed...

Sleepy Joe Biden is just a Trojan Horse for the Radical Left Agenda. He will do whatever they want!

If you’re having a rough day take 45-seconds and watch this little girl singing to her horse.?❤️

Shaq is playing Gronk in HORSE and just ripped the rim off ? (via Medium Rare)