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Because Biden is a Trojan Horse & the person making the decisions is going to be a leftist. Make no mistake, the Dems are perpetrating a fraud on this nation. “Rep. Ilhan Omar expects Joe Biden to be more progressive after election” via @nypost 

Trump continues his attacks on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, including claims Biden would be a "Trojan horse" for far-left members of his party.

@SenatorMenendez  . statement today: "Mr. Pack has proven he is nothing more than a Trojan horse for those who wish to undermine U.S. efforts in support of free, fair, and independent journalism. "

In France #beekeepers  & anti-GMO activists in Haute-Garonne & Tarn-et-Garonne are outside 3 pesticide corporations @Bayer  #Monsanto , @BASF  & @Syngenta —protesting any waiving of the French ban on #neonics  Any waivers are a trojan horse for re-authorization!

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Two activists set up their large wooden Trojan Horse by the Craighead County Courthouse on Saturday to inform people about their views on Issues 2 and 3. #arnews 

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On Saturday, two activists set up their large wooden Trojan Horse by the Craighead County Courthouse to inform people about their views on Issues 2 and 3.

Headteacher who healed a Birmingham 'Trojan horse' school: 'We did it with love'

"The Trojan horse tomorrow night is of the night grand final... It will never go back to an afternoon final." Greig Pickhaver (aka @hg_nelson ) reckons the forced changes due to COVID might fix some of the problems in our footy leagues. #TheDrum 


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Is Joe Biden really a "moderate" Dem like the mainstream media claims? Not unless you think raising taxes on the middle-class and giving amnesty to 11 million+ illegal immigrants are "moderate" positions. Biden is a trojan horse for the radical left!

Joe Biden is a Trojan horse for gun confiscation.

Why won’t I be using the so-called #NHS  contact tracing app? Because it is actually designed not to process Covid tests done by the NHS. It only processes private sector test results. So it’s not an NHS app, it’s not comprehensive and it’s a Trojan horse for NHS privatisation.

Trump's speech was too long, yes. But he hit the main themes that matter: America isn't evil, America is wonderful; the police aren't criminals, they're the ones protecting us from criminals; Joe Biden is a trojan horse for precisely the opposite viewpoint.

Joe Biden is now fully beholden to Bernie Sanders, AOC and Ilhan Omar, the radical, left-wing mob. Their 110-page “Unity Task Force” plan is just plain nuts, and Biden has become a cut-and-paste Trojan Horse for the radical left.

Sleepy Joe Biden is just a Trojan Horse for the Radical Left Agenda. He will do whatever they want!

USC long snapper Jake Olson lost his sight at age 12 after being born with retinoblastoma. He was joined by his dad and guide dog Quebec as he walked out to the Coliseum field for his last time as a Trojan.

I’m a cancer specialist in Teeside, one of the UK’s most socially deprived areas. It’s vital that the people in the North understand that #Brexit  with a Johnson led Tory Government is a Trojan horse for an even harder form of Thatcherism that will devastate our regions.

It is clear from the assembly of crooks, traitors, foreign anti Hindu missionaries, Dawood and secessionists that nation is in danger and Hindus under siege. Hence BJP to win in 2019 is in our national interest. Let us work for that& devastate Trojan horses on the way to victory