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$MRNA | trial'>Moderna Announces Long-Term Trial Update In News Release Moderna Covid Vaccine 90% Effective After 6 Months, Study Finds Moderna Efficacy Against Severe Disease Over 95% After 6 Months

Opinion | @glennkirschner2 : There is still a significant cause-of-death battle to be fought in the coming trial days. - @msnbc_breaking 

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For the first time in Derek Chauvin's trial, witness calls use of force in the death of George Floyd 'justified’ as defense starts its case

MOVING TO TRIAL:Colette Despain is being charged with leaving the scene of a deadly crash on March 9 that resulted in the death of a tow truck driver. Evidence was presented during her preliminary hearing today and the case is now set to move to trial #8NN 

His death has sparked widespread demonstrations nationwide, particularly near Minneapolis, a city that is already on edge due to the ongoing Derek Chauvin murder trial, which could wrap as early as next week.

Man accused of attempted murder found fit to stand trial

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Amid Derek Chauvintrial, Minnesota grapples with another police killing of an unarmed Black man

The state will continue to call witnesses to testify Monday in the trial of Derek Chauvin. The trial is streaming live at

Defense begins case in ex-cop's trial over Floyd's death

Prosecutors rest, defence begins case in ex-cop's trial over George Floyd's death

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Republicans are VERY MAD we are holding an impeachment trial because they want to move more quickly to consider a COVID relief bill that they plan to vote against.

The next four witnesses, who watched George Floyd plead for his life as Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck, are not being shown on camera because they are so young. Let that sink in. Too young to be shown on camera but witnesses in a murder trial.

It’s 4 years tomorrow that Astronaut Jim Halsell killed Jayla and Niomi James in his 2nd DUI without conviction. His lawyers have pushed the trial repeatedly to minimize media attention, don’t let them. Their parents Parnell and Latrice deserve justice. #justiceforjaylaandniomi 

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The Senate just voted on my constitutional point of order. 45 Senators agreed that this sham of a “trial” is unconstitutional. That is more than will be needed to acquit and to eventually end this partisan impeachment process. This “trial” is dead on arrival in the Senate.

Today, 15 Republican Senators chose not to attend Trump's trial. They should be held in contempt of Congress. Jurors in criminal trials cannot get up and leave the courtroom. If they did, they'd be held in contempt of court, and face possible fines and jail.

I object to this unconstitutional sham of an “impeachment” trial and I will force a vote on whether the Senate can hold a trial of a private citizen.

THIS MORNING at the rally Giuliani called for "trial by combat." Don Jr. told Congressmen who weren't going to vote to overturn the election: "We're coming for you."

Don’t worry, Mr. President. I’ll see you at your trial.

If they die, fast trial death penalty for the killer. Only way to stop this!

Cryin’ Chuck Schumer just said, “The American people want a fair trial in the Senate.” True, but why didn’t Nervous Nancy and Corrupt politician Adam “Shifty” Schiff give us a fair trial in the House. It was the most lopsided & unfair basement hearing in the history of Congress!