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The new statue protection will allow decisions to be made "through calm, informed debate instead of caving into the loudest voices", Trevor Phillips, the former equalities chief has said

Tributes continue to pour in for 'charismatic' Trevor 'British Bulldog’ Phillips: Former Premier Sooccer League (PSL) senior official Andrew Dipela has paid glowing homage to the late and charismatic Trevor Phillips.

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One consequence of Trump’s disgrace is that 74 million voters feel left without a champion, says Trevor Phillips@TrevorPTweets 

Former CEO of the PSL Trevor 'British Bulldog' Phillips dies: The Premier Soccer League (PSL) has announced that former chief executive Trevor Phillips has died.

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If you missed Cross Question with @IainDale , you can rewatch it here. This week’s panellists were: @nadhimzahawi , @ShabanaMahmood , @anitabeebee  and Trevor Phillips. Watch in full:

'It will not be the end of the world' if the UK leaves the EU without a Brexit deal, says broadcaster Trevor Phillips - he explains what he thinks the UK should worry about instead. @IainDale  | #CrossQuestion 

Watch Cross Question with Iain Dale live from 8pm. Tonight's panellists are @nadhimzahawi  @ShabanaMahmood  Trevor Phillips and @anitabeebee  - a debate not to be missed. @IainDale 

Cross Question with Iain Dale is live from 8pm with vaccines minister @nadhimzahawi , @ShabanaMahmood , Trevor Phillips, and @anitabeebee . Put your questions to the panel. @IainDale 

'Their understanding of the slave experience is utterly deficient' Trevor Phillips on what Black Lives Matter gets wrong about the history of oppression they claim to know about. Watch the full interview here: | #SpectatorTV  @afneil  @TrevorPTweets 


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‘These guys don’t really care very much about whether black people are advanced or not. What they want is for us to be a battering ram for their desire to change society.' Trevor Phillips on Black Lives Matter #SpectatorTV 

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Gangs pose ‘greatest danger’ to young black men NOT police, says equality champion Trevor Phillips

EXCLUSIVE: Met police have been using software supplied by Trevor Phillips' consultancy which can be used to help identify whether different ethnic groups “specialise” in particular types of crime.

“Nothing he said could be described as anti-Muslim hatred at all” Spectator editor Fraser Nelson says Labour is passing a “thought-crime test on its members” Trevor Phillips has been suspended from Labour over allegations of Islamophobia#PoliticsLive 

Things that don’t get you expelled from the Labour Party: hosting IRA, Hamas, Hezbollah in parliament; sharing platforms with antisemites; picketing trial of Brighton Bomber; etc etc Things that do get you expelled from the Labour Party: being Trevor Phillips

“Jews are not like us, Jews see the world differently from the rest of us, British Jews are becoming a nation within a nation” Would I still work on TV if I said that? Trevor Phillips said the same of Muslims. An enquiry is the right thing to do.

Worth the read re PC culture today: Political correctness had gone mad, writes TREVOR PHILLIPS via @MailOnline 

“The prime minister talked about burning injustices, this one should be burning a hole through her conscience” - former chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips, on the treatment of the Windrush generation #newsnight 

The annual Islamophobia awards are 'an attempt to intimidate public figures from saying anything at all about integration', says Trevor Phillips

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