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Reporter’s Notebook anchor @DavidBegnaud  ends the week with a positive story about a popular #PuertoRican  rapper who happens to be a doctor. @pjsinsuela  has put down the🎤& picked up the 🩺 to treat #COVID  patients at a hospital in his hometown of Ponce ➡️

No drugs have been approved by the FDA to treat COVID-19 but trial results for Gilead's drug, remdesivir showed it reduced the median recovery time for patients by four days.

Last January, we got to treat over 1,800 patients who needed medical attention, 398 who needed dental care, provide 572 people with chiropractic care, and lead 563 people to Jesus—all at ONE medical/dental outreach in Cambodia! Thank you for equipping us to care for people!

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@SodaStreamUSA 's #Israel  branch, best known for manufacturing a seltzer making device, is working with Hadassah Medical Center to develop a non-invasive breathing aid to treat #coronavirus  patients.

Dentists on foreign work visas are risking their health to maintain their legal status and treat patients during the pandemic

@AcutusMedical  . is committed to advancing the field of electrophysiology with a unique array of products and technologies which will enable more physicians to treat more patients more efficiently and effectively. #AcutusIPO  $AFIB

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Check out: Combining daratumumab with carfilzomib and dexamethasone to treat patients ... via @medivizor  #Myeloma 

From Saturday, Danang's Tien Son Sports Palace will be used to treat an overflow of infected patients should the city's hospitals become overwhelmed.

Tokyo mulls designating hospitals to exclusively treat virus patients

Check out Combining daratumumab with carfilzomib and dexamethasone to treat patients w... via @medivizor  #Myeloma 


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Nurses & doctors are still working long shifts to treat COVID patients. Bus drivers are driving with the windows open in a heat wave to ensure air circulation. Grocery store workers and delivery people have never stopped putting food on our plates. Thank you. Thank you.

🚨EVERY AMERICAN, WATCH THIS 🚨 NYC Doctor who exclusively treats COVID-19 patients says, "You don't have to be scared." He expertly explains COVID: - How you get it - How you treat it - How you cure it - How you prevent it Turn off the media & listen to a frontline Doctor:

The FDA issues an emergency use authorization for chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to treat patients hospitalized with Covid-19

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"Doctors at Memorial City Medical Center in Houston who treat Covid-19 patients have been told to reuse single-use N95 respirator masks for up to 15 days before throwing them out."

Italy now has “death panels” deciding who gets treated and who gets turned away. I see Spanish doctors weeping because they cannot treat elderly patients. The left’s model—European style universal health care—does not seem to be working out too well in this #CoronaVirus  crisis

#BREAKING : I spoke to the president and he has agreed to our request to treat #COVID  patients on the USNS Comfort. This means 1,000 additional beds staffed by federal personnel. This will provide much-needed relief to our over stressed hospital systems.

From COVID19 patients and doctors I’ve heard mixed results on hydroxychloroquine, from good to bad results. No one should try it without supervision of health care provider. Bottom line from the FDA is there is currently NO “approved product available to treat COVID-19.... 1/

It is unacceptable that healthcare workers are being forced to treat COVID-19 patients without personal protective equipment (PPE). Donald Trump must immediately invoke the Defense Production Act so that we can speed up the production of PPE for workers.

Doctor and CEO of medical clinic in Los Angeles says he's seeing effective results using #hydroxychloroquine  combined with zinc to treat severely ill #COVID-19  patients

Republicans and Democrats negotiated a deal to provide more money for: → Hospitals, so they can treat patientsIndividuals, so they can pay their rent → Small businesses, so they can keep people employed Americans can't wait any longer!