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“I think one of the most disappointing aspects of the approach has been that a million plus have gone without support now for a considerable period of time.” - Chair of the treasury select committee@MelJStride  on financial support for the self-employed #Newsnight 

TD Securities: Details for The Day Ahead: #GBP : #BoE  Governor#Bailey  speaks at a Treasury Select Committee hearing on the December FSR at 2pm GMT.

The Treasury select committee says the service has caused a “great deal of anxiety” to consumers in recent months

Tory backbenchers unimpressed by today's new cost-benefit analysis of the regional tier system: typical is Mel Stride, chair of Treasury select committee: “Those looking for additional economic analysis of the new tiered system will struggle to find it in this document.”

New - damning assessment by Mel Stride, chair of Treasury select committee - "This rehashed document offers very little further in economic terms other than that which the OBR published last week." 1/2

As well as mayors @SadiqKhan  @AndyBurnhamGM  and @Steve4LCRmayor  there are 261 cross-party MPs calling for more to be done for the excluded, including @MelJStride  chairman of the Treasury select committee, who (like me) has urged the government to plug gaps in support since April

"We're not going to be able to tackle this virus if we don't help people in the poorest parts of the world." Labour MP @rushanaraali , who sits on the Treasury Select Committee, says reducing the foreign aid budget is “Trumpian politics” #Newsnight 

We're providing rolling coverage of FCA chief executive Nikhil Rathi's first appearance before the Treasury select committee. Join us live:

Follow our live coverage of the FCA's appearance before the Treasury select committee, hearing starts at 2.30pm

The minister accepted to the Treasury Select Committee that businesses were facing a “quadruple whammy” of Covid/ recession as well as repeated Brexit deadlines...


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I'm glad the Treasury Select Committee also recognises the unfairness of the Govt’s self-employed support scheme which has left 1m people without help "Moving forward" won't help them if they've been ruined over past 3 months - they need support *now*

Conservative MP and chair of Treasury Select Committee Mel Stride criticises his government for not publishing the workplace guidance last night alongside Boris Johnson’s address. He tells viewers of @BBCOne  there has been ‘confusion’ and a ‘vacuum’

@MelJStride  @Commons Treasury. @Tim_Wallace  o @steve_packhamf  Loan Charge Action Group () @LCAG_2019said  allowing Mel Stride MP to scrutinise his own past decisions and policies as Treasury committee chair is "a farce " that "undermines the whole select committee system "

“There is no pot of gold under the Brexit rainbow.” Treasury Select Committee chair Nicky Morgan says there will be no Brexit-induced windfall.

BREAKING: Labour's has got his hands on leaked copy of unredacted Financial Conduct Authority report into activities of RBS Global Restructuring Group: he tells Commons he wants to hand it to Treasury select committee. Here's some background.

BREAKING: Treasury select committee says confidence that customs will be ready for Brexit 'has collapsed' at HMRC