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Former U.S. @lhsummers '>Treasury Secretary @LHSummers  says President-elect Biden’s proposed stimulus package would cause the economy to overheat -- and that could be a good thing. Catch the full conversation tonight @ 6PM ET on Wall Street Week with @DavidWestin 

Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers said Biden’s proposed stimulus package would cause the economy to overheat -- and that could be a good thing

"If you believe the Treasury and Fed should be merged – what better way to do that than to put the former head of the Fed as the Secretary of the Treasury? This is a huge giveaway that #MMT  is now the law of the land." @JamesGRickards  to @KeithMcCullough 

Wells Fargo was slapped with an unprecedented asset-growth ban in 2018 by then-Fed Chair Janet Yellen. Could Yellen, assuming she is confirmed as Treasury secretary, help remove the ban she put in place?

The Senate Finance Committee is set to hold a hearing on Janet Yellen’s nomination to be Treasury secretary on Jan. 19.

(Bloomberg) -- Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin cautioned against taking rock-bottom interest rates for granted and said the government should take advantage of the moment by substantially increasing the maturity of its debt, including possibly issuing ultra-long bonds

The NDAA allows the U.S. Treasury secretary or AG to subpoena records related to any account at a foreign bank with correspondent accounts in the U.S. Previously, the U.S. government’s authority was limited to records related to the correspondent accounts.

Secretary of Treasury performing well $GS xoxo #demos 

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Senior State officials, led by National Treasury Cabinet SecretaryUkur Yatani, have their work cut out for them as they prepare to convince China to offer Kenya a debt repayment holiday.


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Before @stevenmnuchin1  became Treasury Secretary, he was on the board of @Sears , where he helped gut the company and fire thousands of employees. Now, @Ocasio2018  and I have some tough questions for him.

Watch Trump’s treasury secretary learn the hard way not to f*ck with Maxine Waters

We will never let the great U.S. Oil & Gas Industry down. I have instructed the Secretary of Energy and Secretary of the Treasury to formulate a plan which will make funds available so that these very important companies and jobs will be secured long into the future!

Our governent is shut down & federal workers are going WITHOUT PAY, meanwhile Treasury Secretary is playing golf on the beach on Cabo San Lucas with full SECRET SERVICE DETAIL. HOW DOES THAT WORK? (I’m pretty sure he is not there to collect payment for the wall)

....the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of Labor to issue regulations that will provide flexibility so that in no way will Small Businesses be hurt. I encourage all Republicans and Democrats to come together and VOTE YES! I will always put....

Millions of Americans will put tax checks in the mail today. Meanwhile, the secretary of the treasury and head of the IRS continue to refuse to turn over Trump's tax returns to Congress for reasons even they can't clearly articulate. #TaxDay 

I have just instructed the Secretary of the Treasury to substantially increase Sanctions on the country of Iran!

last fall: Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says “Not only will this tax plan pay for itself but it will pay down debt,” boosting revenue/cutting deficits through growth, reduced corporate tax avoidance this fall: Treasury reports 2018 deficit up 17%, corporate tax payments down 31%

Alexa did this really happen today? Two days before Christmas the Secretary of State calls the Secretary of Defense to tell him he’s out and the Secretary of Treasury (from the beach in Mexico) gets on the phone with the banks to make sure they have money to lend people.