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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned members of Congress that if the debt ceiling is not raised, it will risk "irreparable harm to the U.S. economy and the livelihoods of all Americans."

Texas State Legislators Weigh In On Longhorns’ Potential SEC Move

Curated & Selected: When U ask a screenwriter, publisher, or stranger to read your book: Reading Time 3min 2sec #Mondayblogs 

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‘Why Do You Need to Have That Information?’ WH Press Sec. Psaki Grills Reporter When Pressed for WH COVID Cases

[REPORT] Week Ahead: In the coming week, the June quarterly #inflation  reports dominate the economic calendar. CommSec also releases the State of States quarterly economic report on Monday. #ausecon 

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Ed-itorial: Like it or not, SEC expansion would be an epic shift in the NCAA

Adam Peaty dominant in the semi-finals of the 100m breaststroke, winning in 57.63... another time faster than anyone else in history. Seemed confident of going close to his 56.88 sec world record: "As long as the sun rises and my eyes are both open anything can happen."

Sen. @iampinglacson  says he texted Finance Sec. Carlos Dominguez to clarify that it was not him who claimed that govt is underspending Bayanihan fund: “I’m quite sure because I don’t have the data and I don’t speak without basis. Some other legislators did.” | @_katrinadomingo 

Could potential Texas/Oklahoma move to SEC tip realignment dominos?


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I wish the SEC had as much of an issue with Insider Trading as they seem to have with Outsider Trading. #RobinHood  #GameStop  #wallstreetbets  ???

Trump DC hotel open for DCPD. Strange the our wonderful & totally unbiased press corps had ZERO questions for pres sec on Nat’l Guard troops being move out of a congressional building into an open cold garage. If Trump were pres they would be “outraged”

Footage shows officer placing drugs in trash; goes out to street, turns on camera, returns. Cams save 30 sec prior to activation, w/o sound

Any Republican in Washington DC worth a damn should be calling for an immediate investigation into Robinhood and Citadel. And while they're at it, subpoena Janet Yellen & lets find out if there was pressure coming from the Biden Admin to protect their cronies on Wall Streeet!!!

The WH made 18 attempts to call GA sec of state Raffensperger before Trump’s attempted shakedown over the phone Saturday, a GA state official confirms to CNN.

WOW.  Letter from over 76 members of the PA legislature asking Congress to reject PA’s electors.  The focus is on multiple violations of Article II, Sec. 1, Cl. 2 by the Democrat Governor and Democrat Secretary of State.

We will never let the great U.S. Oil & Gas Industry down. I have instructed the Secretary of Energy and Secretary of the Treasury to formulate a plan which will make funds available so that these very important companies and jobs will be secured long into the future!

Did Trump really visit wounded military at Walter Reed as he claims? He's infectious. Please answer this @PressSec 

Too many Universities and School Systems are about Radical Left Indoctrination, not Education. Therefore, I am telling the Treasury Department to re-examine their Tax-Exempt Status...

So @BarackObama  advised @realDonald Trump not to hire Flynn as nat sec adviser. Trump ignored the advice. Flynn proceeded to lie to the @FBI  and @VP  about his call with the Russian ambassador, for which Trump fired him and Flynn pleaded guilty. And this is Obama’s fault?!?