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Jen Psaki refuses comment on the idea of regulating the crypto industry, instead punting the question to Treasury Dept.

Eligible governments will be able to access funding directly from the Treasury Dept. in the coming days to assist communities as they recover from the pandemic. Fiscal Recovery Funds guidance provides substantial flexibility for governments to meet local needs.

It's Climate Week at the Treasury Dept, and we're excited to announce the next phase in our climate policy strategy -- the Climate Hub. Read more about the Climate Hub, and newly appointed Climate Counselor John E. Morton, here:

Woman charged with stealing nearly $500K from Veterans Affairs, Michigan Dept. of Treasury:

Just to be clear: yesterday, the US Treasury Dept posted a short note with one sentence containing an assertion about Russiagate that Mueller - after 18 months - never claimed. They offered no evidence for it: just asserted it. To MSNBC & CNN, this is "confirmation" it's true.

Although the allegations against Positive Technologies cited by the Treasury Dept were vague, a little-seen report published by the Atlantic Council last month appears to provide much more detail about the activities that may have led to the sanctions against the company.

Treasury Dept reveals longtime associate of fmr Pres Trump's 2016 campaign chief, Paul Manafort—ID’d as “known agent” for Russian intelligence now with $250K reward for info leading to arrest—gave Russians "sensitive” info during #Election2020 , @CNBC  rpts:

In April 1917, the Navy communications center transmitted the code words “Plan One, Acknowledge” to #USCG  cutters, units, and bases. This message initiated the service’s transfer from the Treasury Dept to the Navy placing the USCG on a wartime footing.

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The days when a Democratic president could easily fill his Treasury Dept with Wall St alums are over. So why do so many of Joe Biden's top national security appointees have close ties to defense contractors?


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7/ A day later (coincidence!), the Treasury Dept. sanctions Andriy Derkach, a Ukrainian politician in charge of spreading Biden conspiracy theories, and notes, offhand, that Derkach is indeed a Russian agent.

SCOOP: With VP Pence going to NYC to hail first responders on 9/11 tomoro, we reveal that the Treasury Dept has secretly withheld nearly $4 million from the FDNY's 9/11 treatment program, and has refused to give it back, or explain.

3/ Andriy Derkach was a top Russian agent. He was unmasked by the Treasury Dept this summer. Derkach and his team recruited Guiliani and have been feeding him info all year. The White House knew this.

Treasury Dept refuses to release Trump's tax returns, despite subpoena; but has complied with GOP senators’ requests for highly sensitive financial records about Hunter Biden & his associates and has turned over “‘evidence’ of questionable origin” to them

BREAKING: The U.S. Treasury Dept. has complied with Republican Senators’ requests for highly sensitive and closely-held financial records about Hunter Biden and his associates and turned over “‘evidence’ of questionable origin” to them via @nycsouthpaw 

Treasury Dept: US budget deficit widened to $1.067 trillion for the first 11 months of the fiscal year, an increase of 19% over this time last year.

New: Treasury Dept has officially lifted sanctions on three companies tied to Kremlin ally Oleg Deripaska saying they’ve cut his “direct and indirect shareholding stake in these companies and severed his control”. Majorities in both House and Senate opposed the move.

last October: GOP Sen Corker says "If we're adding one penny to the deficit, I’m not going to be for it. greatest threat to our nation" he was for it this October: Treasury Dept reports 2018 deficit of $779-B, 17% larger than 2017 and higher than any point in Obama's 2nd term

The US Deficit jumped to $779 billion in fiscal year 2018. Up 17% from last year, per Treasury Dept. Last time it was this high was 2012 when US was climbing out of Great Recession.

BREAKING: US Treasury Dept easing Obama admin sanctions to allow companies to do transactions with Russia's FSB, successor org to KGB.