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It seems the yield on direct treasury purchases, even at ultra short durations, is higher than money market funds. Do MMF yields lag treasuries because of purchase timing and duration on the paper they hold?

Ok, so for US corporates that can't take market risk on cash, 4 week treasuries yielding 2.17% and a small but growing # of business banks offering 2-3% on deposits. Any other ideas for optimal restricted cash allocations?

@buccocapital  Very reminiscent of the Fed stepping in to buy Treasuries during COVID. They tell themselves they’re saving the market, but reality is, you just bailed out a ton of people who paid too much for their bonds.

TREASURIES-Yields dip as inflation remains in focus $TDTT $TDTF

$ZN_U $ZB_U Treasuries are trading on the green side of flat, +0'025 and +0'010 respectively. The price action for now is affirming that the mkt doesn't believe that the #CPI  will cause the #Fed  to change its course.

Fed still taking it easy with QT. After ten weeks of QT, just 40 billion dollars in Treasuries and MBS have rolled off the Fed's balance sheet. The monthly target is 47.5 billion dollars.

Pension Crisis Alert: 🙄They shouldn't have been heavily into stocks. 😀 They should hold more ABOVE inflation safe bonds like Treasuries earning 9% today... 😲Oh wait, the Fed suppressed those for the last decade transferring trillions to speculators

First single-bond ETFs look set to revolutionize access to U.S. Treasuries

$ZN_U $ZB_U Treasuries are trading slightly plus, +0'030 & +0'050 respectively, apparently trying to find some equilibrium after the sharp move higher on the #CPI  release and subsequent nasty decline. All that noise, no clear picture. But they do give green stamps.

First single-bond ETFs look set to revolutionize access to U.S. Treasuries


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Ethereum will be the new government bond. Staked ETH, or PoS asset of a dominant blockchain, will replace US Treasuries as the risk-free asset in any portfolio. This shall be the biggest revolution in the history of financial markets. Here’s how I think it’ll go down 👇

Just because #China  didn't shoot down @SpeakerPelosi 's plane doesn't mean there won't be consequences. The best way for China to hurt the U.S. is to sell Treasuries and buy #gold . Since this trade is also in China's best interest, perhaps #Beijing  will finally pull the trigger.

A benchmark U.S. yield curve is the most inverted since 2000. U.S. 2-year Treasuries are yielding the most versus 10-year notes since that year, typically a signal of recession in the following 12-18 months.

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The US government can ALWAYS find buyers for their US Treasuries. How? Regulation. If you are well informed about the regulatory environment driving pension funds, banks and asset managers you are several step ahead of many in the fixed income market. A short thread. 1/9

2020 Returns... Tesla $TSLA: +743% Peloton $PTON: +434% Moderna $MRNA: +434% Zoom $ZM: +396% Bitcoin: +304% $AAPL: +82% $AMZN: +76% Nasdaq 100 $QQQ: +49% $MSFT: +43% $GOOGL: +31% Gold: +24% Small Caps $IWM: +20% S&P $SPY: +18% LT Treasuries $TLT: +18% Bonds $AGG: +7% Oil: -21%

Yields on US 2-year Treasuries hurdle past 3%, to the highest since 2007.

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JUST IN: Tether $USDT CTO says the majority of their reserves are in US treasuries.

SAVERS ARE LOSERS. CASH IS TRASH. TREASURIES ARE THIEVES working for the Fed. GOT THE MESSAGE? Central Banks have an avowed goal of decreasing the value of cash by 2% per year. Please don’t be a loser. Open your mind and get smarter about your money. Got gold, silver & Bitcoin?

$81.2 billion in Treasuries have mysteriously vanished from Russia's books

December... S&P 500: -15% Dow: -15% Nasdaq 100: -15% Russell 2000: -17% Crude Oil: -16% $FB: -12% $AAPL: -18% $AMZN: -21% $NFLX: -19% $GOOGL: -11% $C: -24% $GS: -18% $MS: -17% $BAC: -20% $JPM: -17% *** Gold: +4% 20+ treasuries'>Yr Treasuries: +6% Yen/Dollar: +3% Volatility Index $VIX: +100%