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Translation: He Weifang on Trump’s Social Media Ban and Free Speech

Translation: We lied to you. Willfully. Repeatedly. Now we're coming clean. But only because a defamation suit would nuke us out of existence if we don't.

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Extract from diary of an anonymous Parisian 582 years ago, when Europe in grip of epidemic. Wolves and the English also a constant lethal threat [Translation from medieval French, Janet Shirley]

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Who's next in line for the COVID vaccine in Oakland and Alameda County? How do you sign up to get notified? How do you prove you're eligible? Your questions answered by @SarahBelleLin  for @Oaklandside . Spanishtranslation by @ChroniclesOfAzu  underway.

Translation of govt materials: Online dialogues start next week

Translation on Virginia Department of Health's website told Spanish-readers they didn't need the COVID-19 vaccine #Virginia 

Government hoping to engage more citizen translators to improve translation in four languages: MCI

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Translation: make rules that ban all the smaller platforms that compete with us, otherwise Qanon-addled musketfuckers will hogtie Congress with zip-cuffs and execute them under the Capitol Dome. 3/

Can you tell? There's no man inside the stone, the teaching is trying to tell you that the stone has an operating intelligence. No real teaching has ever told the ppl, that God was a man, but a Living Stone (translation: meaning, a living intelligence that is a technology).

The Virginia Department of Health's main sources for translating critical COVID-19 and vaccine information are three marketing agencies that don't list translation services on their websites and Google Translate, whose reliability experts and Google…


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Good News! People who catch coronovirus but have no symptoms rarely spread the disease. Translation: sending kids back to school does not require millions of test kits. Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is 'very rare,' WHO says

A short clip that sums up this G7 summit: look who has chosen not to hear a translation of his Italian host's speech #G6 

"It didn't quite go as planned" - Translation: I may have caused irreversible damage on a monumental scale

Speaker of the U.S. House of says its “dangerous” to “let the election decide” if @POTUS  should remain in office. Translation? “We can’t trust backwards,uneducated,everyday people to decide the Presidency, this must be decided by the enlightened people in Washington D.C.”

Agree to election on 12th Dec & you can have a few more days to scrutinise my Brexit deal @BorisJohnson  says. Translation = I said I’d leave the EU do or die & no ifs or buts on October 31st but I can’t. So, let’s have a row about an election rather than a pledge I can’t deliver

English translation of Mueller: Trump would have been indicted if he weren’t president.

Rosenstein interviews with where he says Mueller investigation is “appropriate and independent.” Translation—there’s time for media spin to justify Mueller probe but no time to answer questions from Congress about his statement on recording the President.

Translation: they want to stall as long as possible and redact more than nescessary to cover up for themselves. Give me a break. Release it all and let the people decide for themselves.

Translation: The Special Counsel may have just indicted someone close to me. HELP! Republicans in Congress DO SOMETHING!

Translation: Private prison industry poured millions into Trump campaign. Private prison stock soared after election. He's backscratching.