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Join our Northern California Chapter's townhall'>Virtual Townhall to discuss how you can get involved with national NHMA programs on the local level! There will be a time for open discussion to talk about your local community and make your needs known. Register:

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Educators, join us for a virtual townhall with Chair Powell on August 17, 2021 at 1:30 p.m. ET. We'll be answering questions asked by participants who will join the event virtually from across the country. Register here: #FedTownHall 

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The @DaytonUnitNAACP  announced an economic development townhall that will include members of the city government and candidates for office.

'Get f***ed': Rand Paul pranked during live townhall event

'Get f***ed': Rand Paul pranked during live townhall event by caller

Deranged Senator: We Demand More Investigations Into...Brett Kavanaugh @guypbenson  / Townhall)

After cobra runs amok in Raleigh, lawmakers plan townhall to address NC's lax exotic pet laws

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“They Want a Free Cuba”: Gov. DeSantis, Leaders Call for Change During Miami Townhall >>>


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They’re not even pretending anymore folks. “Townhall” ? Biden's ABC town hall questioners include former Obama speechwriter, wife of former Pennsylvania Dem candidate | Fox News

NBC is embarrassing itself. worse than expected. Guthrie is like a poorly disguised ambush. even she follows up with planned questions after the "townhall" question. what a horrible show trial

this is a townhall? where is the town? its just Savannah badgering. what a joke.

If you're angry that NBC News is now doing a townhall with Trump while ABC News is doing a townhall with Biden, perhaps you should mostly be angry at the idiots at the Commission on Presidential Debates, who declared a Zoom debate mandatory for no reason.

It’s not a “Townhall” when the moderator asks 43 questions and the attendees only get to ask 10. That’s today’s media Hackery for you. Anything to protect Joe Biden and the radicals he’s surrounded himself with.

Biden is doing very, very well so far at this @CNN  townhall. He is strongest as a retail politician, interacting with average Americans (which I have missed in covid). He's also incredibly empathetic to struggle and pain. If he brings this energy to the debates, Trump is toast.

Great townhall from President Trump. He and healthcare experts laid out the path forward and how we will defeat #COVID ー19 as a country. Democrats should bring that same spirit to negotiating. But instead they can’t seem to see past the left-wing agenda.

the klobuchar townhall exposed the lie that she's a moderate liberal. no: she's a boring liberal. and her monotony was mistake for moderation. She's a leftist on ZZquil.

watching the townhall with klobuchar. she's awful