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Anon minister who hyped up TSC pressure on Bailey, didnt get his way… MPs fairly calm/understanding re blame for generationally high inflation when questioning Governor, almost going other way. Bailey made point, more than ever, UK needs BoE credibility as anchor for inflation

I’m having to conclude that Bailey is some sort of Deep State plant running a reverse psyop operation designed to teach the public the important lesson of why sometimes it is important for the state to lie to you.

Bailey doing everything he can to panic the nation. Absolutely abysmal comms.

Seven bonkers things Tory politicians have said about working from home

As a Tory minister suggests struggling Brits could work more hours or get a better paid job, the Mirror's @danbloom1  explains how the Government is actually planning to tackle the cost of living crisis

@PippaCrerar  Does this guy have no judgement, or not employ half-decent advisers who do? What the Bank governor is saying may be right, but someone on his pay - £495,000 a year - is hardly going to persuade any workers to restrain their pay claims, unless Bailey himself takes a huge pay cut

If Bailey’s comms skills weren’t bad enough if you read his actual submission to the Treasury Select Committee you will discover he is clueless about how energy curves work too. ?

Sitting in the modest corner drawing room of the sprawling Sheikhpura House on Bailey Road in the heart of #Patna , poll strategist #PrashantKishor  discussed his upcoming political journey in the State.

“We would love not to have another shock please” says Governor Bailey after Angela Eagle raises prospect of UK-EU trade war if Protocol reneged upon…

Andrew Bailey quote is: "And so if I had to sort of, sorry for being apocalyptic for a moment, but that is a major concern" Only an Englishman would apologise for being apocalyptic..


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Perhaps you thought the Conservative party took partygate seriously. Last night a champagne bottle signed by @BorisJohnson  was donated to a charity event in Hertfordshire by local MP and Tory party chairman @OliverDowden . Read the description.

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A firm linked to Tory peer Michelle Mone was awarded more than £200 million in Covid contracts via the ‘VIP’ fast lane. We’ve asked Tory Ministers what checks were made before Medpro was handed public contracts. They haven’t answered.

James O'Brien takes a look at Tory leadership hopeful Dominic Raab's interviews and pulls them apart one-by-one.

Well well well… The original source of the vile Sharon Stone smear? 7 January. 🧾 Before all the memes, before any podcast, and before Tory MPs’ dishonestly claimed conversations. And where, might you ask, did it first appear? The Daily Mail of course. #BasicSmears 

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Starmer demolishes Johnson in front of Tory MPs stunned into silence: worth watching every minute

Never mind the legalities of someone buying £46m of (unfit for purpose) PPE from China then selling it to the NHS for £122m - the morality of doing it when the world was on its knees is reprehensible. Add in that it was done by a Tory peer and we are in uncharted waters of sleaze

The week in Tory MPs so far: one convicted of molesting a minor, another having to apologise for defending said paedophile, PM and chancellor convicted of breaking the COVID laws they wrote. And it’s only Fucking Tuesday.

Yvette Cooper: “Today, Tory MPs voted to make it a criminal offence for Ukrainian families to arrive in the UK without the right papers with a penalty of up to 4 years in prison...when British people have made clear we need to help Ukrainian refugees, this is deeply shameful."

Rishi Sunak found £4,000,000,000 in tax cuts for wealthy bankers, but refused the £20-a-week Universal Credit uplift to struggling working class families. That tells you about the priorities of this super-rich Tory Chancellor.

Migrants don't rob the public purse of billions of pounds. That's tax dodgers. Migrants don't buy influence & subvert democracy. That's billionaires. And migrants don't let our schools & hospitals fall into ruin. That's a Tory government working for the 1%, not the 99%.