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“The working class people I grew up with are voting Tory, and the trendy middle class professionals I work with in London are voting Labour. It’s all topsy-turvy.”

"Many of the current Tory party’s values are the total antitheses of London," says @SadiqKhan  👇 Do you agree? #LondonMayor2021  #CapitalIdeas 

Sadiq Khan lambasted by Tory candidate Bailey: ‘Crime out of control in London'

Insiders who have witnessed the workings of the Tory campaign for London mayor describe it as rudderless and misguided. “They haven’t got their electoral coalition worked out, and they don’t know why people should be voting for them,” one Tory source said

This is the most bizarre story of the week: a Tory MP is walking around London with a pint of milk to protest against #lockdown  restrictions

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🚨 Tory MP Charles Walker has said he is going to walk around London with a pint of milk as a protest over the coronavirus restrictions. 📺 Watch his speech

Boris Johnson is facing backlash from Conservative MPs and most Tory-leaning newspapers, after he suggested pub landlords would be able to require drinkers to need vaccines to be let in. London Playbook has more:

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EXCLUSIVE: Tory chiefs 'pull plug' on funding for Shaun Bailey’s faltering London mayor campaign


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London Palladium last night for An Evening With Arsene Wenger. Palladium is owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber, a Tory supporting multi millionaire who said he'd leave the country if Labour got in. Can anyone work out why the Palladium is open but football grounds aren't? @OliverDowden 

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Rory Stewart wholeheartedly backed Tory cuts that have ripped the heart out of our communities and done so much damage to our police, NHS and schools. He would be a disaster for London.

Watch as Tory MP for Cities of London & Westminster@MarkFieldMP  grabs a Greenpeace protester who interrupted a Philip Hammond speech in London tonight

London has been taken over by thousands of anti-Tory protesters: mostly young, all angry, scared, but determined #FckBoris 

Prime Minister: Female First Minister, Scotland: Female Green Party leader: Female Tory leader, Scotland: Female Head of Met Police: Female Head of London Fire: Female Monarch: Female

Does character matter to the choice of our next Prime Minister? When asked this straightforward question at the Tory leadership hustings @BorisJohnson  replies by talking about delivering open platforms on the back of London’s routemaster buses

England win World Cup, snap election, racist campaign, conducted in actual German, huge Tory majority, hard Brexit, migrant labour moved to prison ships, London’s low paid commute by swimming up the Thames in vast shoals, daily news broadcast hosted by Enoch Powell hologram etc

A rant about the media: 1) The Metro and Evening Standard should either be thrown off London Underground stations or cease Tory propaganda

Tory sources say they've lost Battersea in South London

London Mayor Sadiq Khan says Met Police may lose up to 12 thousand police officers under Tory spending plans #GE2017