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Was it an attack on BAME ministers? Or the Tories? The former Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid took to Twitter to defend his successor after deeming a @OneRuleForThem_  advert attacking Sunak's personal finances to be an attack on BAME Tory Cabinet ministers.

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"You want politics put aside, should Sir Keir join the Cabinet?" Eddie Mair put this to Tory MP Jake Berry after he insisted that regional leaders, should "stop having a hairy chest competition about money" and forget their party. @eddiemair 

Tory grandee: "I think when he appointed his cabinet, he deliberately looked at people with limited experience ... so he and his aides could hold as much power as possible centrally and stamp their authority in all areas of government"

Theresa May has led a fierce onslaught by Tory ex-cabinet ministers against a housing shake-up proposed by the PM

Here's a good example of why the Government wants more Conservatives to run quangos NEW Charities would get more support if they realised they had no right to state cash, warns Charity Commission chairman and former Tory Cabinet minister @tinastowell 👇

Dozens of MPs - including backbench Tory MPs - want more parliamentary scrutiny of the many new Covid laws that have been brought in. Do you agree with them? Do they speak for you? Or do you agree that the PM & his cabinet have to be able to act swiftly to deal with covid19? 9am

An exasperated ex-Tory Cabinet minister calls me to ask whether a Government that REALLY cared about 'red wall' seats would allow a minister and then the PM to face the media and not know the details of a ban on drinking with pals in pubs in Newcastle.

Busy day - offer to Tory rebels (or not) after Cabinet, #pmqs , PM, Whitty and Vallance presser later too

No resolution yet tonight btw govt and Tory rebels over demands for more of a say on coronavirus laws - Cabinet in morn, then meeting btw Steve Baker, and Chief Whip afterwards


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“We don’t have competent Cabinet ministers.” The Times’ @jennirsl  says Boris Johnson’s Cabinet has been chosen “not because they’re the most talented people in the Tory party” but because “they won’t challenge him”, adding “this has led” to the exam results “mess” #Newsnight 

“One Cabinet minister has been heard to say that unless this is dealt with - that means the departure of Dominic Cummings - this could cost lives.” Political Editor@nicholaswatt  reports on the growing Tory revolt over the PM’s decision to stand by Mr Cummings👇#Newsnight 

Tory MP and former minister tell me: "This is a Cabinet of fools led by a hollow narcissist who is nothing without his Svengali.“

In March this year, Tory MP Nicky Morgan said she would "actively campaign against" anybody who had voted against Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal agreement - including Boris Johnson. Today, she is a member of his Cabinet.

As a cancer specialist who has worked in the #NHS  for 24 years, I can categorically state that the Tory party have never been “the party of the NHS” and never will be. #Boris  and his hard right cabinet are deluded

It would be an outrageous, anti-democratic abuse of power for Boris Johnson - elected as Prime Minister by fewer than 100,000 unrepresentative Tory members - to force through No Deal in the middle of a General Election campaign. My letter to Cabinet Secretary Mark Sedwill:

Boris Johnson is a "mendacious chancer," says former Tory party chairman and cabinet minister, Chris Patten: "It is no exaggeration to say that Johnson has lied his way to the top, first in journalism and then in politics"

Woah. Courageous Tory and former Cabinet Minister Baroness Warsi says Islamophobia goes to to the very top of the Tory Party and that the party has whipped up anti-Muslim hatred to win elections. An absolute scandal.

REALLY really interesting from : he says if cabinet and Tory party does not back and her Brexit offer to EU, including continued role of ECJ and Brexit divorce bill of more than £40bn, alternative is NO BREXIT.