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As Vice Chair of @AppgXinjiang , today’s briefing b @AmnestyOnline  on their latest report was welcome. The mounting evidence in the report show China’s mass internment, torture & persecution of Muslims in Xinjiang. The CCP can deny persecution all they want, but the verdict is clear.

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Recent events—ranging from George Floyd's murder by Derek Chauvin, to torture of protesters in Belarus, to the deaths of individuals detained during Kenya's lockdowns—show the state’s use of force, it left unchecked, can easily turn brutal.

NEW @USTreasury  sanctions targeting 16 Belarusian individuals and five entities over repressions, torture, and the forced diversion of a RyanAir flight. They include Lukashenko's press secretary, top prosecutors, KGB and police officials.

The challenge for the new International Criminal Court prosecutor Karim Khan will be to resist pressure (e.g., from the US government) to keep the ICC's focus on the Global South (not US torture in Afghanistan or Israeli war crimes in Palestine).

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Coordinated sanctions are welcome but should EU officials really be using throwaway torture references when speaking about responding to Lukashenko’s barbarism? via @FinancialTimes 

“For many Iranians, Raisi is most well known for his actions as one of the 4 judges who oversaw the torture and mass execution of approximately 5,000 members of an Iranian opposition group—including women and children—in the summer of 1988.” @ksadjadpour 

"The situation in #Belarus  continues to deteriorate, with severe restrictions on civic space, including rights to freedoms of expression, peaceful assembly & association. We continue to receive numerous allegations of arbitrary arrests and detentions, torture & ill-treatment. "

Family alleged that 26-year-old Rashid Lashari died due to police torture#news  #etribune  #latest 

EXCLUSIVE: Police probe 'honey trap kidnap torture plot' of millionaire diamond dealer

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Turkish-Kyrgyz citizen Orhan İnandı, founder of a network of education institutions in Kyrgyzstan, has "disappeared." Fears mount that may be forcibly deported to Turkey and face torture based on bogus "terrorism" charges.

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This is a horror story about a man named Zayn al-Abidin Muhammad Husayn. The CIA tortured him to the point he became catatonic, as a test case for its torture program. But he wasn’t who they thought he was. 15 yrs ago they admitted it. He’s still in a cage

"Each time I was electrocuted my whole body would shake violently ... I begged them to kill me": An Uygur woman describes torture in a detention camp in #China 

This evening I voted against the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill. I can't support legislation that could give undercover state agents the licence to murder, torture and commit sexual violence.

Iran’s @khamenei_ir  must quash the death sentences of protesters—Amirhossein Moradi, Saeed Tamjidi & Mohammad Rajabi—immediately! Their trial was unfair & they said they were subjected to torture through beatings, electric shocks and being hung upside down.  #اعدام_نکنید

Today we're remembering Gabriel Fernandez who died May 24, 2013. His mother and her boyfriend were convicted of torture and murder. ?If you suspect that a child is suffering from abuse or neglect call 800-422-4453 to report a case. More on Gabriel's case:

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"There is growing evidence that the #Myanmar  military is now likely engaging in crimes against humanity, including the acts of murder, enforced disappearance, persecution, torture, and imprisonment in violation of international law," -- @RapporteurUn  reports to #HRC46 

The racist and fascist approach that led to the death of George Floyd in the US city of Minneapolis as a result of torture has not only deeply saddened all of us, but it has also become one of the most painful manifestations of the unjust order we stand against across the world.

#EndSARS has grabbed the world’s attention, highlighting police violence in Nigeria. @falzthebahdguy  has been part of protests since the start and explains the abuses: “They beat people up, they torture people, they murder, they commit armed robbery – it’s everything.”

Julian #Assange  is in solitary, denied visitors. He ordered a radio from the prison catalogue six months ago. A friend also ordered him a radio and the authorities returned it, unopened. Even the Beirut hostages Waite, Keenan and McCarthy listened to a radio. This is torture.