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Akademiks Suggests Meek Mill Is Scared To Respond To 6ix9ine On The Topic Of Snitching

. @Rosenbergradio  was VERY passionate about the topic of snitching today ? | ?? Never miss a moment! Subscribe to the #EbrointheMorning  podcast now!

Update: The grand jury transcripts released Thursday indicate Nipsey Hussle was shot after a four-minute conversation with Eric Holder in which the topic turned to snitching.

In this session of #CannonsClass , and I discuss the topic of exactly what is snitching? Watch the full session available on YouTube ✊?

@jeffreycarr @Scrawnburke  @asshurtackflags  @samurai_lucy  Sabu's snitching on anon operations is off-topic? Topic on topic is off-topik lol

@Mr_Camron  appeared on 'The Nightly Show' to discuss the topic of snitching (again):