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I'm impressed with President-Elect Biden’s foreign policy picks. I’ve worked with both Tony Blinken and Linda Thomas-Greenfield over the years. They are consummate professionals and skilled diplomats.

JUST IN: Joe Biden announces key roles: -Tony Blinken as sec of state -Alejandro Mayorkas as DHS secretary -Linda Thomas-Greenfield as UN ambassador -John Kerry as climate envoy with NSC seat -Avril Haines as Director of Ntl Intelligence -Jake Sullivan as Ntl Security Adviser

President-elect Biden's 6 cabinet picks: -Tony Blinken, sec. of state -Jake Sullivan, national security adviser -Avril Haines, national intelligence director -Alejandro Mayorkas, homeland security sec. -Linda Thomas-Greenfield, UN ambassador -John Kerry, special envoy for climate

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Behind the president-elect & vice president-elect: Tony Blinken Jake Sullivan Alejandro Mayorkas Avril Haines Amb. Linda Thomas-Greenfield Frmer Secretary of State John Kerry

Joe Biden, emphatically embracing the foreign policy establishment spurned by Trump, picks Tony Blinken as secretary of state, Jake Sullivan as National Security Adviser and Linda Thomas-Greenfield to United Nations. Latest w/ @AnnieLinskey  @John_Hudson :

Biden to Name Adviser Tony Blinken as Sec. of State, Linda Thomas-Greenfield as U.N. Ambassador

@JoeBiden  makes his picks for key foreign policy, nat sec roles Secretary of State - Tony Blinken DHS Sec - Alejandro Mayorkas DNI - Avril Haines U.S. Ambassador to UN - Linda Thomas-Greenfield Nat Sec Adviser - Jake Sullivan Special Presidential Envoy for Climate - John Kerry

Now official from @Transition46 : -- Tony Blinken for State --Alejandro Mayorkas for DHS --Avril Haines as DNI --Linda Thomas-Greenfield as UN Ambassador --Jake Sullivan as Natl Sec Adviser --John Kerry as Climate Envoy

Biden builds out his national security team. Event tomorrow at 1 p.m. State: Tony Blinken DHS: Alejandro Mayorkas DNI: Avril Haines USUN: Linda Thomas-Greenfield National Security Adviser: Jake Sullivan Special Presidential Envoy for Climate: John Kerry