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"Country not right," warns columnist Tom Friedman, summing up his feeling on the state of the Republic. "Subscribing to the big lie that this election was stolen has become a prerequisite now for thriving, surviving and rising in this Republican Party," he says.

Tom Friedman: “We are not OK. America’s democracy is still in real danger. In fact, we are closer to a political civil war — more than at any other time in our modern history.”

So I guess Tom Friedman is that guest who has overstayed his welcome.

From @ThePlumLineGS : What Tom Friedman misses about our current immigration challenges

"We need a high wall with a big gate on the southern border," says Tom Friedman. This take is wrong in numerous ways. Most of our problems are *not about border security.* Casting them as such helps demagogues and makes solving our actual problems harder:

From @ThePlumLineGS : What Tom Friedman misses about our current immigration challenges

LISTEN NOW: The crew discusses President Biden's $2T infrastructure plan with New York Times columnist Tom Friedman. This and more on the Squawk Pod podcast by @SquawkCNBC . Listen and subscribe here:

I wrote about how the big dumb boat stuck in the canal is a result of the big dumb idea behind globalization. Thanks Tom Friedman!

My favorite Tom Friedman book was his 2007 magnum opus ‘I Am Wrong About Everything and Fuck You.’ Best-seller, boomers loved it, inspired a Bush-Obama public private partnership initiative.

Looking forward to what Tom Friedman makes of the Suez situation.


Most relevant

tom friedman'>Writer Tom Friedman blasts today's GOP saying they won't make the smallest sacrifice to defend freedom. "If they had been at Normandy Beach we'd all be speaking German today. If they had been on the Western Front we'd all be speaking Russian... There's no defense of freedom."

Please remember -- and rigorously observe -- the new social media rule: No criticizing NYT reporters and editors. Not "MAGA Haberman." Not Ken Vogel when he reports on Biden's swampy corruption. Not Tom Friedman. None of them. I don't make the rule - just abide by them.

History will remember the "supine nature" of the GOP, says Tom Friedman. The party became "a political brothel that rented itself out by the night to whoever could energize its base…Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and Trump but in the case of Trump, he took over the whole brothel."

I'm normally a fan of Tom Friedman, but this list of an ideal Democratic cabinet seems to be mainly a list of speakers at Davos and Aspen. Maybe the elites who benefit most from the status quo shouldn't be put in charge of changing the status quo.

“Trump — with the knowing help of Israel’s current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu — is doing something no American president & Israeli prime minister have done before: They’re making support for Israel a wedge issue in American politics.” Tom Friedman

Tom Friedman in Monday's NYT: "This is code red. The biggest threat to the integrity of our democracy today is in the Oval Office."

The reason Tom Friedman has life tenure as a NYT columnist & still is treated as a revered foreign policy analyst on CNN - despite having spent 2002 & 2003 saying everything false imaginable about the Iraq War- is because he loves war & killing. That's the key attribute in the US

Most uncompromising column of Tom Friedman's career.

This Tom Friedman hagiography of the Saudi tyrant who is killing actual reformers & imposing famine and destruction on Yemen is - without hyperbole - utterly disgusting. If the Saudi regime bought a full-page ad in the NYT, it'd be less fawning and shameless than this column: