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Today there has been lots of chatter about reopening schools.With COVID-19 on an incredible rise I don’t believe parents will agree in sending their children to school as there is so much uncertainty that exists .The SAFETY & HEALTH of the children must be the # 1 priority .

Earlier today@timkawakami  reported #sfgiants  will play exhibitions against #athletics  on July 20 and 21, one in SF, one in Oakland. He got that from Zaidi on a podcast. Kapler said later in the day that there still could be a third game and it was under discussion.

Here is your handy guide to sport on television today.

Riggins is eight today and we got him a 🍔 cake!!!!!!!

In @NationalComment : Happy independence day to the world's youngest country "Today, July 9, South Sudan celebrates its ninth year of existence.” Read more from National Editorial

Languages Will Change Significantly on Interstellar Flights - UniverseToday@universetoday  @storybywill 

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Life is like a box of chocolates, and @tomhanks  gets first pick because it's his birthday today! #HappyBirthdayTomHanks  #HappyBirthday 

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The officer who pressed his knee against George Floyd's neck dismissed his pleas, saying “it takes a heck of a lot of oxygen to talk," according to transcripts of body camera video recordings made public today.


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I’ll never forget today. Tonight, I’m the happiest man in the world. It’s all thanks to you, ARMY. London! Wembley! LOVE U! ???

Don’t act like everyone loved my father. He was assassinated. A 1967 poll reflected that he was one of the most hated men in America. Most hated. Many who quote him now and evoke him to deter justice today would likely hate, and may already hate, the authentic King. #MLK .

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Today reminds us that progress might be slow. It might take decades. But no matter what things might look like today, it’s always possible. Happy Pride month, everybody.

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I was so happy today. But please wear warm clothes tomorrow. Love U☺️? #JIMIN 

? We are sad to share the news of the passing of Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of SpongeBob SquarePants. Today, we are observing a moment of silence to honor his life and work. ?

We put a song out yesterday and today we get to celebrate in person!!!! ✨???Best feeling in the world!

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I thought I was thorough, but this taught me not to forget the thumbs! Take a look. And blessings to all today. 👋🏾✋🏾👐🏾🙌🏾👍🏾

I apologize to everyone expecting to see me on Good Morning Americatoday, but after the events in Minnesota with George Floyd I’m in no mood to tell America, good morning.

Michelle and I are so inspired by all the young people who made today’s marches happen. Keep at it. You’re leading us forward. Nothing can stand in the way of millions of voices calling for change.