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Cowboys DC Mike Nolan just stopped his conference call with reporters because he had Tobasco sauce on his finger and accidentally wiped his eye

Monday racing heads to @clarenceriverjc  Grafton today. Don't miss the good things from @P_L_SCHMIDT . 1 - 4. Lace And Whiskey 2 - 2. Tobasco 3 - 5. Out To Lunch 4 - 1. Gillick's Way 🔒 5 - 5. Uprise 6 - 2. Zavy's Hope 7 - 5. Helmet Head 8 - 4. Beat That Best Bet 🔒

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Tobasco is shit burn your mouth hot sauce and Cholula has depth and flavour . Fight me

Serve roast, beans and sweet potatoes with beer, retsina, bourbon or sour cider, with tobasco, salt and pepper.

@Maggiemae2009  @trishayearwoodM  @FoodNetworka  @trishayearwoodybe  The’?’ Thinks I Can Cook?.Can Make Son’s Mom’s?,Tobasco,Butter (Parmesan)?,Walnut Fudge (Moms),Pasta Salad??,Potato Salad,Son’s Sicilian Sourdough Toast,Sicilian Artichokes,Sarma, Etc.♥️MRS BROOKS,But Fear I Would Be Huge Culinary Disappoint to Her?

Tobasco mixed with mayonnaise is actually heaven.

Tobasco should make an actual hot sauce someday. Their current blend is an *ingredient at best

@AndyatAston  @MotoWatcherHaha . Nicely done Andy. My cousin, during his tenure as Chief Leader writer , @thetimes  said that if @BarackObamawon  the Dem nomination, let alone the presidency, he’d eat his words doused in Tobasco. He still has the personalised bottle the 44th President sent him. ?


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tobasco is not hot, nor spicy. It's a watery bs hot sauce

WHAT I ORDERED: a Caesar salad, a cheeseburger, no onions. French fries with extra gravy. A coke. WHAT I GOT: A Bloody Caesar with extra tobasco and a bag of cocaine. WRITE IT DOWN!!!

A @Postmates  guy totally brought us a bottle of tobasco the other day with our burrito. Send PM a bill.

Today's attempt.. Turkey breast cut into cubes and panfried in tobasco on a bed of spinach salad…

A drunk man stole a bike, threw it into a restaurant window, then came in to chug Tobasco

You can ferment your own Tobasco-style hot sauce using a little Greek yogurt:

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