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“Since television serials could not be produced during the lockdown, she @nsitharaman  gamely stepped into the breach and announced a stimulus package over many wondrous episodes.” Very little humour in these glum days. Do read 4 a few titters@rupagulab 

'John Bercow departs not with adulation ringing in his ears, but cheap titters' | @RosaFPrince 

Now Johnson being laughed at. How can you trust me? 'Look at what I said I would do as a politician' Titters probably about his missed die in a ditch Oct31 promise. More laughter when he says he's truthful #ITVDebate 

The crowd in #CogX2019  titters as Alex Benay, the CIO of Canada, comes up on stage in jeans and a Hard Rock T-shirt with his tattoos showing … while everyone else incl sec of state for digital is in suits.

TONIGHT'S #skypapers  into-break tease: "Coming up ... Getting hammered... Britain's place in the international drunkenness rankings makes for sober reading " @IanDunt  dutifully titters]

Good afternoon, everybody. The best quiz on television is starting shortly. Do tune in with a hot beverage in hand for today's helping of teasers, tension and titters. #TheChase 

Guffaws, chuckles, or titters? Decoder Ring reveals the hidden artistry and human hand behind TV laugh tracks

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Ken Dodd delivered titters to the end, but he was much more than a ‘simple’ comedian


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Titters in audience when PM asked about Vice Chancellor pay .... May 'we should be concerned when we see VC's sitting on remuneration committees that decide their pay'

Blue passports are the beginning of the end of Brexit. Nothing is more dead in politics than a policy that has started to evoke titters.

Scientists used special microphones to let us listen in on a tickled rat’s titters.

Twitter titters at Scotch tape holding together Donald Trump's tie

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Twitter titters as @RealDonaldTrump  says "titties" during key speech ⏩ by @lee_moran 

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If you kneed me, I'd be kickled pink. I know, it's a groiner *titters and skips off

Tweets some words...nothing, nothing. Makes a sausage penis with mashed potato bollocks, notifications go nuts. Nuts *titters

So...did you even say "wasps" numerous times, bro? Okay, I'm done with that. WASPS! *titters