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Edmonton police charge 22-year-old man after tire slashing spree

1. This is an A+ note 2. Baby deer under tire is a good excuse for not showing up to work or going anywhere really.

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Today was my wife’s birthday and when I gave her an old tire and she asked “WTF?” I laughed and said “actually, it’s a cake!” Unfortunately it was not a cake, not sure how those videos do it :(

Should you ever tire of puzzles, there's a whole world of outdoor games to try

Time is running out to enter for a chance to Win A Set of Tires from General Tire Enter Now ➡️

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Thanks @goBikeandBrew ! Blew a tire while riding and they got me back on the road!

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MMDA ADVISORY: Stalled AUV due to a flat tire at EDSA P. Tuazon- Tunnel SB as of 12:43 AM. 1 lane occupied. Moderate traffic at the area. #mmda 

Marks on a rainbow crossing – deliberate act of hate or crap driving? #Vancouver  police tracked down a driver who left tire marks on a ‘pride’ crossing

Flat tire in the middle of nowhere on the 15 south. How’s your Friday?


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Do not tire of asking in prayer for the Lord’s help especially in difficulty.

The people of God have a sense of knowing where the Spirit is, of knowing the paths of salvation. The people of God follow Jesus. They can't explain why, but they follow Him. And they never tire. #HomilySantaMarta 

i am so happy it is raining. i will listen to love deluxe and watch big mouth. i have my mint tea and will hopefully do some donuts later, tire traction off. good day sir *tips hat*

"To the men who sit behind me, and to the boys who rest in the field before me: your example will never, ever grow old. Your legend will never tire. Your spirit—brave, unyielding, and true —will NEVER DIE." #DDay75 

To the men who sit behind me, and to the boys who rest in the field before me: your example will never grow old. Your legend will never tire, and your spirit - brave, unyielding, and true - will NEVER DIE! #DDay75thAnniversary 

More than a century after conquering flight, the #WrightBrothers  continue to motivate & inspire Americans, who never tire of exploration & innovation. This GREAT AMERICAN SPIRIT can be found in the design of every new supersonic jet and next generation:

Never tire of encountering Jesus in prayer, in listening to the Word of God, and in receiving the Eucharist.

Luis Gustavo Lopez, 18, is in intensive care after a man walked into his family's tire shop, said “I’m here to kill a Mexican,” and beat Lopez with a metal bar. The Lopez family blames at least some of the attacker's motivation on President Donald Trump.

A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you really won't get far unless you change it.

Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers and step-fathers and God Fathers. Basically anyone you'd call if you got a flat tire at 3am.