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"Yes, the seven of us have been vaccinated." Science advocate Jung Ho-seok at the UNGA

#SB19_KEN pens a special message to A'TIN after the release of his solo debut single, 'Palayo.' 🥰 #StreamPalayoMV  #SB19Ken_SoloDebut 

NPA: Tin Can Island, Onne ports infrastructure collapsing

NPA: Tin Can Island, Onne ports infrastructure collapsing

NPA: Tin Can Island, Onne ports infrastructure collapsing via @todayng 

With exclusive behind-the-scenes imagery, Peter Do and Vincent Ho discuss one of the indisputable highlights of New York Fashion Week.

What's your star biscuit this week? ⭐️🍪 #KingOfTheTin  #SundayBrunch 

The recent surge in Covid-19 cases in Southeast Asia has throttled ports and locked down plantations and processors, sparking extended disruptions of palm oil, coffee and tin


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Kim Nam-joon Kim Seok-jin Min Yoon-gi Jung Ho-seok Park Ji-min Kim Tae-hyung Jeon Jung-kook That’s an introduction to BTS. But to understand the world’s biggest boy group and its management company, now worth $4 billion, you need to meet their ARMY. 💜

Tried all tricks including Steve Smith trying to remove Pant's batting guard marks from the crease. Par kuch kaam na aaya. Khaaya peeya kuch nahi, glass toda barana. But I am so so proud of the effort of the Indian team today. Seena chonda ho gaya yaar.

Bong Joon Ho: "Once you overcome the one inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films"

Extremely grateful to #IforIndia , @Its_Badshah  & @cacklerraj  for music, lyrics & for working overnight. Thanks Sunil for the edit. All so that I could sing. Ab bhai,lockdown mein mujhe gaate hue bhi jhelna padhega. AbRam is saying 'papa enough now!’ Par Sab Sahi Ho Jaayega!

#Oscars Moment: Bong Joon Ho accepts the Oscar for Best Directing for @ParasiteMovie .

Restricting mail in voting during a pandemic is dangerous enough. But Trump's statements highlight another threat: He's laying the groundwork to delegitimize millions of votes this fall. And cast doubt on the result. This is what tin pot dictators do. Not U.S. Presidents.

What bts has done for kpop what jay park has done for k hip hop what bong jun ho director has done for the korean film industry..... all very different lanes but all historic none the less and if u disagree u just a hater ?‍♂️

#Oscars Moment: Bong Joon Ho and Han Jin Won win Best Original Screenplay for @ParasiteMovie 

Bong Joon Ho: and honestly your award show sucks. Fuck all of you. His translator: .... His translator: deep love of movies stems back to the great Martin Scorsese who re

Bong Joon Ho staring at his Oscar and smiling is the most wonderful thing I've ever seen #Parasite  #Oscars