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Ohio juvenile court Judge Timothy Grendell thought coronavirus precautions were overblown, and made sure people knew it. In one case he forbade a mother from getting her children tested for COVID-19. Then, one of them had to go to the emergency room.

General consensus Bontempelli, Oliver & Wines were the premier players of 2021… Bont won the players MVP, Oliver the coaches association award and now Wines the Bronwlow. + In 2 of the 3, they made up the top 3 in the voting.

Oliver and his dad, ready for @ManUtd  match days ⚽️ 📸: Mikael Backlund on IG (mikaelbacklund11)

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#BREAKING 🏅Ollie Wines has won the Brownlow Medal! 💪⚡ The @PAFCmidfielder  polled 36 votes, ahead of Marcus Bontempelli (33), Clayton Oliver (31), and Sam Walsh (30). 📰 Follow the #BrownlowMedallive  blog: 👉 #AFL  #Brownlow  #WeArePortAdelaide 

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#LIVE | Ollie Wines wins the Brownlow, picking up two votes in the final round to jump up to 36. The Port Adelaide gun finished three votes ahead of The Bont, with Oliver next --- via @[468598989986151]

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🚨 MARKET OPEN 🚨 We're open on the 2022 #Brownlow  Medal! Bont is a $6 favourite, with Wines and Oliver both $7. 👉

Joseph Oliver was jailed for two years following the attack, one of a number he has committed against his partner

Three rounds remain. It's going to be a tight finish! Here's the leaders after Round 20. M. Bontempelli (WB) - 33 O. Wines (PA) - 32 S. Walsh (CAR) - 30 C. Oliver (MEL) - 28 D. Parish (ESS) - 24 Wines has made his move, does he finish fastest?🏅 #Brownlow  #AFL 

15 rounds in, here are the leaders! M. Bontempelli (WB) - 27 C. Oliver (MEL) - 23 O. Wines (PA) - 21 D. Parish (ESS) - 20 S. Walsh (CAR) - 19 The Bont has extended his lead, does he hold on?🏅 #Brownlow  #AFL 

Leaders through 10 rounds! M. Bontempelli (WB) - 18 C. Oliver (MEL) - 17 S. Walsh (CAR) - 16 D. Parish (ESS) - 14 T. Boak (PA) - 13 Does Bont hold on from here? 🏅 #Brownlow  #AFL 


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"It's patently clear that some of the people who're involved in current politics…are borrowing some of the tactics of the 1920s and 1930s." Yale History professor Timothy Snyder says some of today's politicians have learned propaganda techniques from twentieth century fascists.

I agree with Timothy Snyder. This is where it's going, and there is presently nothing on the horizon that would stop it.

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‘You guys ever heard dead baby jokes? I got a dead baby. His name was Joaquin Oliver. He was gonna be 18, but now he’s dead. And that’s not a joke.’ — Parkland dad Manuel Oliver recorded this ‘stand up’ set in response to Louis CK

On this day in 2014, 12-year-old Tamir Rice was senselessly murdered by Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann while playing with a toy gun. Tamir would have turned 18 this year. He should still be alive. ?

This guy was raging when he saw how Jamie Oliver cooks egg fried rice... he rips him to shreds ? ?: Nigel Ng

6-year-old John Oliver beat cancer. The reaction from his classmates is EVERYTHING.? (Via @FOX29philly  )

John Oliver: "If police are trying to convince the public they’re not guilty of displaying excessive force, it’s probably *not* a good idea to repeatedly display excessive force on national television"

WAY TO GO! 6-year-old John Oliver just finished his very last chemo treatment and beat leukemia, so his entire school celebrated by giving him a standing ovation! ❤️? MORE: