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Timing of Convalescent plasma administration and 28-day mortality for COVID-19 pneumonia {pre-print} [Feb 3, 2021] Gonzalez et al. @medrxivpreprint  n=4719 Pts in #covid19a '>Argenti #COVID19a . Early (≤3 days from admission) CPA assoc w/ mortality HT @DrMJoyner 

Pres. Biden and health officials say the timing of Texas Gov. Abbott’s decision to lift COVID-19 restrictions couldn’t be worse. Texas is now reporting about 7,000 new cases a day. That number was 5,000 a day when a lockdown was reordered last summer. @JanetShamlian  reports

Canadian official offers further clarity about timing of regulatory decision on Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine candidate. Officials suggests decision within 7 days.

COVID-19 in B.C.: Can I choose my vaccine? Efficacy, timing explained

Health experts: Women should consider timing between COVID-19 vaccines, mammograms

“We had a great quarter really driven in large part by a product we launched in the middle of last year that dealt with removing blood clot,” @penumbrainc  CEO Adam Elsesser says. “The timing of that product coincided with... tragic issues we saw with some COVID patients.”

The cruise operator is hopeful Covid vaccines will help it return to sailings, but the timing remains uncertain as health protocols are shaped.

2) Here is what to expect when it comes to timing for the House and Senate to complete the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill. This will be the sixth major coronavirus package when Congress concludes the bill.

Health experts ask women to consider timing between COVID-19 vaccines and routine mammograms

A renovated arena for NBA Pacers. The timing wasn’t influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic but some features of the deal were, as officials sought to build in breathing room to manage through the pandemic. #municipalbonds 


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Women should pay attention to the timing of their COVID-19 vaccination shots and breast exams, according to new guidelines.

The NFL informed clubs tonight they are prohibited from timing, testing, interviewing in-person or giving medical exams to any draft-eligible player at any location except a school’s pro day or all-star game this year because of ongoing concerns surrounding COVID-19, per source.

COVID vaccination has now been added to Prescribed Minimum Benefits for medical schemes in South Africa. Vaccine costs "can be absorbed by most schemes," says regulatory council CMS. Still unanswered: 1) timing; 2) the many millions who have no insurance.

For Sen. David Perdue, the COVID crisis last March signaled something else: a stock buying opportunity. Perdue’s timing was impeccable: he avoided a sharp loss and reaped a stunning gain by selling and then buying the same stock

Pfizer's encouraging news about the effectiveness of its Covid-19 vaccine came nearly a week after Election Day, but the drugmaker's CEO says the timing had nothing to do with politics.

Charging $70 for PS5 and Xbox Series X games makes sense, but with COVID-19 still going strong, the timing couldn't be worse.

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Talk about bad timing. Amid Covid-19 spike, Trump Adm. urges #SOTUS , again, to strike down Obamacare. If Trump prevails, 20 million people would lose their health insurance, and protection for those w pre-existing conditions would be gone.

DEPT. OF GOOD TIMING: Stone has just filed for a 60-day delay of his June 30 date to report to prison, citing health issues that put him at heightened risk for COVID-19. He indicates DOJ doesn't oppose his request.

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Square Enix said it won't hold online event to unveil this FY's new releases around E3's timing because making assets ready for such show has become difficult due to Covid-19. Instead, it will announce new titles on individual basis.

With Michigan battling COVID-19 AND devastating floods, what spectacularly awful timing for @realDonaldTrump  to be threatening the state w/loss of $$ simply for sending every voter an application for an absentee ballot. I’m sure this will be well-received when he visits today!