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Ralph Barbieri defined Bay Area sports talk radio for years. He was passionate, he was smart, he was stubborn, he was a helluva listen, he was a tough listen at times. A true piece of Bay Area media history.

Nationwide, Latinx people are hospitalized for COVID-19 at four times the rate of white people. To help in his community, one pastor is using his Spanish-language radio station to share info about the virus — and how to stay safe.

BBC’s loss is Times Radio’s gain with @PhilWilliams . Nice review in, er, The Times...

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For those of you who say there’s never anything on Times Radio: I’ll be on in about 10 minutes to talk about Trump and TikTok.

How @wfnz  is shifting its local sports-talk radio lineup: Same names, but different times starting Monday:

My 7 y/o daughter has gotten into @QueenWillRock  in a HUGE way. Today I found this version of Radio Ga Ga by @PaulYoungParlez  from the Freddy Mercury Tribute Concert, and we watched it like 15 times in a row. Awesome version I'd forgotten all about!

"Topical tunes for hard times" We don't know about you, but Bruce@springsteen  has helped lift our mood many a time! Hear episode one of his new Radio 2 series on @BBCSounds .

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Pro-Trump super PAC America First Action is getting heavily outspent by its Democratic rivals. The two largest Democratic super PACs have spent almost four times as much on television and radio.

The two largest Democratic super PACs have spent almost *four times* as much on television and radio as the main pro-Trump PAC America First via @NBCNews 

The 2 largest Democratic super PACs have spent almost 4 times as much on television and radio as pro-Trump super PAC America First, according to ad spending figures.


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We've brought together some of your favourite artists for a very special #StayHomeLiveLounge  cover of 'Times Like These' by Foo Fighters, produced by Fraser T. Smith 🎤💜 Listen Thursday at 12pm on Radio 1 and see the video that evening as part of The Big Night In on @BBCOne 

I heart radio awards :-) ❤️ good times

Can’t believe “Want You Back” is the most added song at US radio this week! ❤️ thank you a million times!

Happy Sign of the Times Anniversary ?? released his debut single and premiered it on Radio 1 with two years ago today! ?

The NY Times is busy regurgitating leftist talking points, accusing conservative radio & TV hosts of inciting white supremacists and accusing the president of the same.  Actually, it's the Times that has a disgusting history of bigotry and anti-Semitism....

Julian Assange's crime has been to make sense of dark times. has an impeccable record of accuracy & authenticity which no newspaper, no TV channel, no radio station... can equal. Indeed, it shames them.

@adorethehoran nah I used to go a lot more like twice or 3 times a month! But now I don't the time ! But always listen on the radio!

listening to the radio not long till the brits now scary times hopefully u guys have got our backs please keep voting

Hey USA radio, when are you gonna play #HappyLittlePill  by @troyesivan ? It's playing in the UK and AUS, but not here? Get with the times.

RT @jvillegasbieber : @justinbieber  I requested #Pray  on the radio like 17 times, and now they are playing it.!