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This is the second complaint we have filed on behalf of a transgender person experiencing discrimination at CVS, the last time as a customer.

The Battle Creek zoo has finished its new Mexican gray wolf exhibit in time for opening day on May 1.

Let it remind us that we are not the owners of the earth, but visitors for only a brief time. Let’s all be proactive & protect our beautiful planet to secure our future. It starts with you! 1/2

Top court rules no grounds to disqualify Netanyahu as PM ‘at this time

ULA says there's a 40 percent chance of acceptable weather for the April 26 launch attempt of a Delta IV Heavy rocket carrying the NROL-82 satellite. Mission is from Vandenberg in California. Launch time is 1:46 p.m. PT (20:46 UTC).

"(Spotlight) brought attention to journalism’s watchdog role — holding the powerful accountable — and the importance of a local newspaper to its community at a time when journalism was increasingly under fire and many local publications were failing."

KY COVID UPDATE >> “Now is the time. Let’s make sure we can push through."

Chicago police say the parents of the boy were not home at the time of the incident.​

A Quincy man was arrested today for a second time in five months for aggravated home repair fraud.

For the first time, Elon Musk’s company is launching astronauts with a previously flown capsule and rocket.


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BREAKING: Derek Chauvin has been convicted of the murder of George Floyd. For the first time in Minnesota state history, a white police officer has been held accountable for killing a Black man.

Congratulations to my friend, President@JoeBiden ! This is your time.

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What a journey… I had no idea what we were in for when I sent this text to my Dad ten years ago at this exact time the band was formed. Thanks to everyone that’s supported us over the years and thanks to the boys for sharing this with me #10YearsOfOneDirection 

Thank you lads ,we've had a great time so far, you are family to me now , not just band mates ! Love you

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Thank you for having an amazing time with us even though it was raining. I'm not afraid of the rain any more. Because ARMY, you are my umbrella!!! ARMY, 싸랑해요 ??☂️? Thx Chicago!!

Thank you for staying and cheering for us even though it was so cold. I think I’ll remember Chicago ARMY always. I love you guys and I’ll come back next time! Make sure to drink hot water and take a hot bath before you sleep~ good night ARMY!?? #yourlovev 

Like the Beatles said: It’s getting better all the time. Thanks, babe, for 27 amazing years!

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Right time to brighten things up he's a throwback to one of my many embarrassing moments great shorts pal!

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