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Minnesota officially adopted regulations championed by Gov. Tim Walz on Monday to encourage the switchover to electric vehicles.

Minnesota officially adopted regulations championed by Gov. Tim Walz on Monday to encourage the switchover to electric vehicles.

“We’ve seen stronger adoption to occasion-based categories as people have resumed attending weddings,” Express CEO Tim Baxter says. And “the wear-to-work categories have had that resurgence.”

COMMUNITY CENTER CLOSED: Mayor Tim Kelly has ordered a third community center closed for deep cleaning and sanitization after confirmation of a COVID case.

“We are regaining our relevance,” Express CEO Tim Baxter says. “We want people to think of us, and people have begun to think of us, as a brand with purpose.” Full comments:

As @Apple  gets ready to announce its last earnings before it's typical Sept. iPhone launch, @iansherr  says there's good reason to believe CEO Tim Cook may warn investors/fans - again - that shortages at major chip makers might delay the iPhone's ship date.

"I don't think so Tim." The Lansing Lugnuts are hosting a "Tool Time" night and will wear flannel jerseys.

Many thanks to Tim Gocher for his excellent piano playing at yesterday's charity event. The Lady definitely approved.

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COMEBACK STORY? Tim Tebow opens Jags training camp as '1 of 90'

Tim Tebow will open training camp Wednesday as Jacksonville’s fourth- or fifth-string tight end, not all that surprising given he’s closing in on his 34th birthday; started playing the position five months ago; and is trying to return to the NFL.


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I remember the moment I saw Trump's tweet attacking Pence. We were in the chamber as aides were scrambling to bar the doors. Some were sobbing in fear. The mob was outside. Someone yelled out shots had been fired. I turned to Tim Kaine and said, "Oh my god, he's egging them on."

United Kingdom: Their package delivery man is named Tim. He’s deaf. Tallulah and Tim developed quite the friendship over the lockdown. Tallulah’s mom taught her to sign. She made Tim a “thank you” that he displays on his truck proudly. Humanity.?❤️

BREAKING: Two Capitol Police officers have been suspended in connection with last week’s insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, Rep. Tim Ryan said. One of the suspended officers took a selfie with a rioter. The other donned a MAGA hat and “started directing people around,” Ryan said.

Not my Wall, which will soon be finished (and Mexico will pay for the Wall!). Totally unrelated, but I think Steve will be just fine. By the way, is this the same job hopping Tim O’Brien that headed Mini Mike Bloomberg’s humiliating 2 Billion Dollar Presidential run? Debate prep!

So weird to watch @FoxNews  interviewing only failed Dems, like Represenative Tim Ryan of Ohio, who got zero percent in his recent presidential run, and following Sleepy Joe’s train to wherever. What a difference from the past - But we will win anyway!!!

Fmr. Bloomberg adviser Tim O'Brien: "If Republicans really want to make an issue out of Hunter Biden ... there is going to be a scorched earth response aimed at all of the Trump children that is going to be unlike anything they've experienced thus far."

Sen. Tim Scott tells @jonkarl  that instead of saving his account for a lucrative book, Bolton should have "come into the House and testified" under cross-examination so "we would have more information." On Jan. 31, Scott voted twice, successfully, to block a subpoena to Bolton.

Mini Mike Bloomberg will now FIRE Tim O’Brien, and all of the fools and truly dumb people who got him into this MESS. This has been the worst, and most embarrassing, experience of his life...and now on to Sleepy Joe!

Tim Duncan finding out he’s a Hall of Famer ?

Graham, Sasse, Rick Scott and Tim Scott holding up bill because it provides unemployment benefits of $600 per week for 4 months. After they voted to give big corps $500,000,000,000. Senators, This is a national emergency. We want people to stay home. What don't you get?