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RT @CBCNews : A statistician said he's found a way to beat the odds in Tim Hortons' Roll Up to Win contest.

RT @Jose_Pagliery : Trump Org stopped paying for Allen Weisselberg's lawyer, who was not "Trumpy" enough. They're now paying for a new one.…

Minor league baseball returns to Dell Diamond Friday night for the start of the @RRExpress ' 2023 season! ⚾ General Manager Tim Jackson joined #DaybreakATX  to let fans know what they can expect this season

"We called them 'peep shots' when we made the film," says director Raine Allen Miller.

Mimi Rocah and Berit Berger: Rep. Tim Burchett claims there's no way to prevent mass shootings. But he's ignoring this key solution.

VIDEO: "The future of food can be better and different from what we have now" says Tim Noakesmith, the co-founder of Vow, an Australian meat cultivation company that has created a meatball using DNA from the extinct woolly mammoth.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook’s whistle-stop tour of Shanghai bolsters ties with Genshin impact creator miHoYo, other local app developers


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Thanks @tim_cook  for taking me around Apple’s beautiful HQ

I remember the moment I saw Trump's tweet attacking Pence. We were in the chamber as aides were scrambling to bar the doors. Some were sobbing in fear. The mob was outside. Someone yelled out shots had been fired. I turned to Tim Kaine and said, "Oh my god, he's egging them on."

JD Vance just ended Tim Ryan’s political career.

Good conversation. Among other things, we resolved the misunderstanding about Twitter potentially being removed from the App Store. Tim was clear that Apple never considered doing so.

Contrast Kari Lake's feculence on Tuesday — assailing the "cheaters and crooks” whom she claimed were running elections — with Tim Ryan’s graceful concession speech, and you'll see that the real battle in America isn't right v left, it's neofascism versus democracy.

Fmr. Bloomberg adviser Tim O'Brien: "If Republicans really want to make an issue out of Hunter Biden ... there is going to be a scorched earth response aimed at all of the Trump children that is going to be unlike anything they've experienced thus far."

Tim Tebow breaks down in tears as he feeds his dog for the last time ?

Republicans have requested a list of witnesses for the impeachment hearings (alphabetical order): -Devon Archer -Hunter Biden -Alexandra Chalupa -David Hale -Tim Morrison -Nellie Ohr -Amb. Volker -The “Whistleblower” & their sources Will @RepAdamSchiff  permit them to testify?