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tillerson'>Remember Rex Tillerson? He was a former Exxon executive and President Trump’s Sec. of State. This administration’s overly cozy relationship with fossil fuels is well established and a key reason for their climate denial.

The rulers of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates used George Nader to gain influence inside the Trump White House and push for the firing of Sec. of State Rex Tillerson, which happened in March 2018. UPDATE:

After two wives, Manafort, Bannon, Cohen, Tillerson, Kelly, McMaster, Mattis, Bolton, campaign managers, lawyers, advisers, cabinet members @GOP  sycophants, now the hirsute and armed #Proud Boys learn #Trump  is not the most steadfast ally “I don’t know who the Proud Boys are...".

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The drugs turned out to be 100 grams of methamphetamine and $12,000.00. The occupant, tillerson'>Patricia Tillerson, hadn't paid her bill and was not in the room when motel employees went to clean it out.

19 aides, allies & even family who have criticized Trump: -Troye -Cohen -Vindman -Sondland -Mattis -Bolton -Tillerson -Kelly -Cohn -Marryanne Trump Barry -Mary Trump -Miles Taylor -M.E. Taylor -Neumann -Bright -Miller -Murphy -Scaramucci -Omarosa Miller

“Kushner was a frequent target of ire among Trump’s Cabinet members, who saw him as untrustworthy and weak in dealing with heads of states. Tillerson found Kushner’s warm dealings with Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu ‘nauseating to watch. stomach churning,’ according to Woodward.”

Woodward reveals that former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told Jared Kushner that Palestinians "are not going to care about your money … That's not going to buy you peace”

Tillerson found Kushner’s warm dealings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “nauseating to watch. It was stomach churning,” according to Woodward.

Secretary of State, tillerson'>Rex Tillerson -- "dumber than a rock, laziest person alive." Should be quite a list at this point.


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I told tillerson'>Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man...

Mike Pompeo is doing a great job, I am very proud of him. His predecessor, tillerson'>Rex Tillerson, didn’t have the mental capacity needed. He was dumb as a rock and I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough. He was lazy as hell. Now it is a whole new ballgame, great spirit at State!

Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of State. He will do a fantastic job! Thank you to tillerson'>Rex Tillerson for his service! Gina Haspel will become the new Director of the CIA, and the first woman so chosen. Congratulations to all!

tillerson'>Rex Tillerson, a man who is “dumb as a rock” and totally ill prepared and ill equipped to be Secretary of State, made up a story (he got fired) that I was out-prepared by Vladimir Putin at a meeting in Hamburg, Germany. I don’t think Putin would agree. Look how the U.S. is doing!

The media has been speculating that I fired tillerson'>Rex Tillerson or that he would be leaving soon - FAKE NEWS! He’s not leaving and while we disagree on certain subjects, (I call the final shots) we work well together and America is highly respected again!

I have chosen one of the truly great business leaders of the world, tillerson'>Rex Tillerson, Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil, to be Secretary of State.

MSNBC’s Stephanie Rule: “My source didn’t say Tillerson called Trump a ‘moron.’ My source said he called Trump a ‘fucking moron.’"

tillerson'>Rex Tillerson to graduating cadets at VMI: “If our leaders seek to conceal the truth, or we as people become accepting of alternative realities that are no long grounded in facts, then we as American citizens are on a pathway to relinquishing our freedom.”

The same day the Senate confirmed tillerson'>Rex Tillerson, the @HouseGOP  passed a resolution to help @exxonmobil  secretly funnel money to dictators.

Tillerson: Russia obviously poisoned the guy. Trump: You're fired. Press: You fired him for saying that? Trump: No, I fired him on Friday. Tillerson aide: He wasn't fired on Friday, it came as a complete surprise. Trump: You're fired too.