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#StupidStock Move of the Day! The Fastly news obviously was not good but should all cloud companies tank on it. $FSLY warning more about TikTok/ByteDance than global economy. So the sympathy sell-off in Cloudflare may be overdone. $NET down nearly 7%.

Former Chinese government official ran TikTok’s content policy as app went global

Many songs are gaining popularity on TikTok before debuting on the Billboard Hot 100 or Spotify’s Global Viral 50. @salemdavern , a musician who went viral on TikTok, explains how the platform boosted her career beyond the app. Watch Answered by Vox:

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A former Chinese diplomat led a global content moderation team for TikTok while the app claimed freedom from Beijing’s influence. Via @jackbeyrer 

Former Chinese government official ran TikTok’s content policy as app went global

What content should be allowed on TikTok? FT reports that ByteDance’s global content policy team in Beijing was a former Chinese diplomat who had spent four years in Tehran. He left ByteDance earlier this year. @rwmcmorrow 

Former Chinese diplomat reportedly headed TikTok global content policy for several years @tiktok_us 

Ex-Chinese official ran TikTok’s content policy as app went global


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TRUMP wants the $5 billion from the Tiktok Global deal to pay for "patriotic education" via his envisioned "1776 Commission."

The companies have agreed to terms with Trump for new TikTok Global to give $5 billion to an education foundation that will be established, sources tell me. Trump told press: "They're going to be setting up a very large fund...That's their contribution that I've been asking for."

So the ownership of TikTok Global will be, according to a person familiar with the matter: Oracle - 12.5% Walmart - 7.5% ByteDance - 80% ... But 40% of ByteDance’s ownership is US venture capital funding. That’s how the Trump admin is calculating this deal as “majority US $”

WeChat and TikTok taking China censorship global, study says

The founder of TikTok wanted to create a global tech company. Instead, he found himself caught in the U.S.-China tech war.

TikTok founder Zhang Yiming, long an admirer of Silicon Valley, always wanted the company he created to be seen as global. But not this way, as his company is dragged into the U.S.-China geopolitical morass. Big WSJ profile by @Liz_in_Shan @evawxiaoghai .

The government has warned of the manipulation of information on social media platforms as viral video app TikTok faces a global backlash over security concerns | @carawaters 

The Indian government announced a ban on 59 Chinese apps late Monday, including TikTok, saying they were secretly transmitting users’ data to servers outside India. Censorship and politics are fracturing the global internet, isolating users and industries.

China’s Global Spying: TikTok banned by Navy amid growing data and privacy concerns.