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The latest on Trump vs. China regarding TikTok from @selinawangtv  and @jdisis .

After threatening to ban China's TikTok, Trump blessed a deal that likely benefits Beijing

UBS: US China tensions continue. TikTok dance continues. The ban, not-ban cycle has temporarily stopped on "not-ban", but China's media is increasingly critical of the mooted Oracle/Walmart deal. Financial Times reports that China's SMIC is subject to export restrictions from US.

"There's no doubt China poses a threat to U.S. national security... Yet the increased frequency of alarm bells ringing & the weird choice of targets — the forced sale of TikTok & pointless ban on WeChat — suggest a different narrative," @tculpan 

China Plans To Protect TikTok “At All Cost” Against “Mafia-Style Robbery” & US Threat To National Security

#Asia : Noon: Indices mixed. China industrial profits rose for 4th straight month. Trump's decision to ban TikTok blocked by federal judge. Australia to invest $18 bn in low emission tech over next 10 years. Japanese Mining, Realty shares↑ #XJO  +0.01 #Nikkei  +0.70 #SSE  -0.22%

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Bans on WeChat and TikTok violate the First Amendment by restricting our ability to communicate and conduct important transactions. Restricting WeChat in particular will harm many communities with loved ones in China. The move reflects Trump’s xenophobic and racist agenda.

Breaking News: Microsoft’s bid for TikTok was rejected in a U.S.-China security standoff, officials said, leaving Oracle as the sole known remaining bidder.

BIG BREAKING: 1st Big retaliation by Govt of IndiaIN against China.Our forces will fight them on ground meanwhile India does the ‘Digital Air Strike’ on China. India bans 59 Chinese apps including TikTok.

Out of curiosity, if the Chinese government doesn’t control TikTok how is it that they can block the sale? Oh that’s right they’re lying as usual. Imagine an American company trying to pull off in China what TikTok/China is doing in America? They wouldn’t allow it for a second.

A US teenager’s TikTok ‘makeup tutorial’ condemning China’s treatment of Uighurs has gone viral. Read more on the story here:

If Microsoft buys TikTok, it shows President Trump’s tough stand against China has won again. This deal would protect Americans’ data, increase competition, and secure a creative platform for millions of users.

Zoom & TikTok—two apps that have concealed their ties to China—have skyrocketed. @HawleyMO  & I are asking for a DOJ investigation of their violations of Americans’ civil liberties & relationship to the Chinese government.

Good to see India banning 59 popular apps owned by Chinese firms, including TikTok, which counts India as one of its largest markets. India is continuing to show it won’t back down from China’s aggression: Nikki Haley, Former US Ambassador to the UN

A 17-year-old posted to TikTok about China’s detention camps. Her account was suspended.

Makeup tutorial? Think again. Here's how this teen used TikTok to raise awareness on China's treatment of Uighur Muslims.