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Mainers with family in Tigray region of Ethiopia wait and worry as civil war drags on @rachel_ohm  again.

Ethiopia: Loan from United Nations Fund Allows Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to Scale Up Fertilizers for Farmers in Tigray@UN_News_Centre  #Africa  #Ethiopia  #Food  #Agriculture  #Fertilizers  #Farmers  #Finance  Read more:

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Up to 80% of Ethiopians depend on agriculture as their main source of livelihood. A US$10 million loan from @UNCERF  will allow @FAO  to scale up the procurement of fertilizers to support farmers in the restive Tigray region in #Ethiopia .

Worth reading👇 #Tigray  : “Giving life at any cost” The poignant testimony of Desta, a 24-year-old midwife who has been volunteering for over a year to help women and children in her region, Tigray #SaveTigray 

The bishop in #Tigray  pleaded for an end to the war, siege and blockade #Ethiopia 


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NEW from @hrw  and @amnesty : In tigray'>Western Tigray, widespread abuses against the Tigrayan population amount to crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing.

"There are no Tigray Forces, literally none, left in Afar.” That's the message from the spokesperson of the TPLF, @reda_getachew . Despite the Ethiopian government and Tigrayan forces reaching a truce last month, food aid has struggled to reach the region.

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BREAKING @hrw  & @amnesty  report on abuses amounting to crimes against humanity & war crimes in Ethiopia’s tigray zone'>Western Tigray Zone Since November 2020, officials & Amhara security forces have engaged in a relentless campaign of ethnic cleansing to force Tigrayans from their homes🧵

500,000 people have died in the Tigray War in Ethiopia in the last 16 months. How many times have you heard the media talk about it?

That is the situation in #Tigray  When will the world act ?

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Far from the global spotlight: as many as 500,000 people in Tigray have died from war-related causes since Nov 2020, researchers estimate. They died from violence, hunger, lack of health care after hospitals were destroyed. Does the world care?

In Ethiopia, Africa’s second-most populous nation, a bloody civil war is now in its 16th month. The fighting between Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s forces and the rebel Tigray People’s Liberation Front seems at a standstill

#BREAKING Nearly 40% of people in Ethiopia's Tigray region face 'extreme lack of food': UN

Drone and air strikes have killed at least 28 people in #Ethiopia 's #Tigray  region.

Tigray rebels raped women during attack on town in Ethiopia’s Amhara region, says Amnesty investigation

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