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Tory MPs say making London Tier 3 will be catastrophic as Matt Hancock considers splitting capital into different tiers

Our Sunday @Telegraph  p1: Final throw of the dice as we edge towards no deal; Hancock optimistic that vaccine will allow early loosening of tiers; Tory MPs slam Barnardo’s; Farage to stand candidates to fight “green” roads - buy the paper, or subscribe online today

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Tory Covid tiers rebels will not face sanctions, says Downing Street

A PM who uses attack as his form of defence, accuses KS of dithering/labels him General Indecision over abstention in tiers vote. This deflection away from uncomfortable reality for PM who lost his own Tory majority in vote. Vote only passed because Starmer didn't oppose #PMQs 

Major Tory rebellion over Covid restrictions hits chance of future lockdowns as tiers pass

This Tory tiers rebellion is one time Boris Johnson can’t have his cake and eat it | Andrew Grice

Analysis: Boris Johnson won the Covid tiers vote - but Tory rebellion left him wounded 3/6

House of Commons backs Boris Johnson’s Covid tiers despite threat of rebellion from Tory MPs


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NEW Chopper's Politics podcast: Boris Johnson's new tiers are 'a very serious infringement of fundamental human rights' says top Tory MP and 1922 committee chairman @SirGrahamBrady  @brexitbroadcast 

NEW Tory MP tells me more than 50 Conservative MPs will vote against the tiers tonight, with more abstaining. That would outstrip the 34 Tory MPs who voted against the national lockdown on Nov 4. It would not be enough to stop the tiers - but would be a blow to PM's authority.

'The British tradition is that the people tell the Government what it's allowed to do, not the other way around' Tory MP Sir Graham Brady is unhappy at the Government's application of tiers and wider handling of the Covid crisis. @IainDale 

The Sunday Telegraph's splash tomorrow: Virus tiers could end in nine weeks, Boris Johnson says to head off mass Tory rebellion

Read in Full: Boris’s Tiers Promises to Tory MPs; “Sunset” End-Date and Cost-Benefit Analysis

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Virus tiers could end in nine weeks, Boris Johnson says to head off mass Tory rebellion

COVID-19: Boris Johnson appeals to Tory MPs as coronavirus tiers backlash grows

Coronavirus: Tory MPs call for more evidence on 'appalling' Covid tiers plan

NEW 70 backbench Tory MPs up in arms over tougher tiers and could vote against them in blow to PM