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#Newsnight has learned of growing concerns among the scientific community about the effectiveness of lateral flow tests - rapid Covid test kits - to be made available in tier three areas. Policy Editor@lewis_goodall  reports on the concerns and the latest on the tier system 👇

“All of the health restrictions, which are necessary to keep people safe, need to go hand in hand with economic support.” Labour MP @jamesmurray_ldn  says before the party votes in favour of the new tier system, “fair support has to be available” for areas in Tier 3 #Newsnight 

As Tulsa hit the third tier of Oklahoma's hospital surge plan over Thanksgiving, health care leaders are incredulous that such levels have been reached here, putting an ever-increasing strain on COVID-19 wards and workers while the numbers just keep...

Some of today's top stories you may have missed on ITV Meridian: Socially-distanced street party for 100-year-old Pat: Rapid Covid-19 tests in for students: Anger#Oxfordover  Tier 2 restrictions: #Kent 

Tier 3 areas could be stretched to 'breaking point' without urgent support

‘We’ve done more than any other region’: Manchester reacts to being placed in Tier 3 post-lockdown

Coronation Street and Emmerdale WILL continue filming despite being plunged into tier 3

Every hospital in England could be overwhelmed with coronavirus cases if new tier restrictions are not introduced, Michael Gove has warned, as he seeks to quell a Tory backbench rebellion over the measures

Johnson defends Covidtier system in England as Tory backlash grows

The hospitality industry has claimed the government’s new Covid-19tier system will wipe out billions of pounds of trading and lead to huge job losses, despite many venues being allowed to reopen


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“I’ve not got that many years left of me and I’m not going to be fastened in a house.” Here’s how one 83-year-old in Barnsley reacted to the news that tier three restrictions will be introduced in South Yorkshire from Saturday. See more here:

Due to the rise in #COVID19  cases, CA is issuing a limited Stay at Home Order. Non-essential work and gatherings must stop from 10pm-5am in counties in the purple tier. This will take effect at 10pm on Saturday and remain for 1 month. Together--we can flatten the curve again.

The Governor has just moved Riverside County back into the most restrictive lockdown tier. With unemployment in CA 50% higher than the national average, he has just put MORE people out of work. We cannot sustain this.

So that’s the Chief Scientific Adviser joining the Chief Medical Officer and his two deputies in casting doubt on whether Tier 3 will work. And yet I’m the one putting health at risk?

I was just on a Zoom call that ended automagically after 40 minutes because the organizer was on a free tier. This is the single greatest advance to meeting productivity that I’ve ever seen. Would pay extra for this feature.

This is America’s ugly two-tier criminal justice system: If you are a billionaire like Jeffrey Epstein charged with sex trafficking, you get off with virtually no punishment. If you are a person of color or working class person, the justice system is built to work against you.

Breaking News: Pete Buttigieg is dropping out of the 2020 race. He rose to the top tier of the Democratic presidential field but struggled to win broad support.

I have been around this racket for going on 40 years, and I have never seen a purportedly neutral poll that left out a top-tier candidate simply because it wanted to.

NBC News: Federal prosecutors say that video taken from outside of JeffreyEpstein's cell the night of his FIRST suicide attempt in July has been permanently deleted because MCC saved video from the wrong tier of the jail and not the tier Epstein was on, a filing says.

Seeing inauguration footage always reminds me there are somehow tens of millions of dollars of inauguration money totally missing and it's like a 8th tier scandal if that.