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"If it saves one life... it's done its job" The father of a man from Telford who died rescuing his children in the sea, wants to raise awareness of the danger of rip tides. Information on how to stay safe in a rip tide here ➡️

“Festive hearts wane and sink like tides of joy.” ― Ben Ditmars#JoyPublicity 

🌊 Rip currents are strong tides that can drag people and debris out to sea 🌊 Find out how you can best protect yourself and your family when visiting beaches this summer 🌞 👇

You can't herd cats or change the tides. Can you prevent college students from partying? That's a question raised by James Madison University's "Stop the Spread" campus reopening strategy.

Just as the sun must rise and set, just as the tides must ebb and flow, so too must YouTube enfant terrible Jake Paul be embroiled in a new controversy

Hokkaido wind farms get tailwind as tides shift for fishery.

“Because [the moons are] so much smaller than Jupiter, you’d think basically the tides raised by Io on Europa are just so small that they’re not even worth thinking about.”

A seaweed farm harnesses the strong tides off Rathlin, while in County Down tidal power has a surprisingly long history. And the Arctic tide reveals a story with global reverberations. Tide is on @bbconeni  today at 5:35PM

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Can the child within my heart rise above? Can I sail through the changin' ocean tides? Can I handle the seasons of my life? #StevieNicks  #FleetwoodMac 

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30 states legal. 20 to go. The tides have turned. Equality. #20ToGo 

When the Moon first formed, four billion years ago, it was 20x closer than it is today, 400x larger on the sky, and Tides were 8,000x higher.

Morning prayer Lord You made this world, everything on it, everything in it, You control the rising of the sun, the swelling of the tides, the seasons,placed each star in the sky It will never slip out of Your control, nor will you forsake the ones who love You Praise You Lord!

Explorers on the first manned voyage to see the Titanic's wreckage in ~15 years were astonished by its rapid decay, as time & tides have swept away parts of the ship. Researchers say it could be decades before the ship has vanished. Here's @charliecbs 

The tides of our nation swirl on Capitol Hill. And I see a woman, a private citizen, a human being, who asked for none of this... then... or now. Her voice echoes her fear and courage. It's a poignant reminder that the balance of history often pivots on unlikely fulcrums.

Senate Intel Chairman, Richard Burr is defending President Trump. I believe this is a remarkable turn in the tides of Washington affairs and may well represent the beginning of the end of the Mueller Witch Hunt. #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

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I believe in the great people of the Florida to elect as their next Governor. He believes in science. He will stand up to the NRA. He will improve education system. He will deal with red tides. He will represent ALL Floridians. He will bring it home! #FLGovDebate 

New song tonight by @jackgilinsky  and @JackJackJohnson  called "Tides" it's the sickest song yet. I'll have the link to everything later