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The United States on Saturday warned citizens of "heightened risk of arbitrary detention" in China as tensions between Beijing and Washington soared over issues including Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet

History of Tibet-Ladakh Relations and Their Modern Implications @AkhiPill 

The US government imposed targeted sanctions on four top Chinese officials responsible for persecuting Uighur/Turkic Muslims, including Xinjiang Party Secretary and Politburo member Chen Quanguo, a mastermind of repression in Xinjiang and earlier in Tibet.

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Yamdrok Lake, located in Nagarze county in the city of Shannan, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, is renowned for being one of the local three holy lakes, glowing various colors in different seasons.

#CGTNOpinion Legacy of CIA operations in Tibet shows @SecPompeo  can't be trusted

#UPDATE  The back-and-forth over Xinjiang comes just days after the two countries imposed visa restrictions on each other over their disagreement on Tibet

@Projekt_A119  @yilukayiHi  there, you should be able to view some of our films about Tibet internationally via our YouTube channel:


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#WATCH Canada: tibetan youth congress'>Regional Tibetan Youth Congress protest against China outside the Chinese Consulate-General in Toronto, raise "Tibet stands with India" & "Thank you Indian Army" slogans.

I'm announcing visa restrictions on PRC govt&Chinese Communist Party officials determined to be “substantially involved in formulation or execution of policies related to access for foreigners to Tibetan areas,” pursuant to Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act of 2018:US Secy of State

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India has been the greatest support to Tibet and our hearts go out to all the soldiers at the border. We wish they remain safe and that India is secure and strong: Lobsang Sangay, President, Central Tibetan Administration

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Happening now: "Ring of fire" solar eclipse pictured in #China 's Tibet, Zhengzhou City and Beijing. #SolarEclipse2020 

If not for #ShyamaPrasadMukherjee , Kolkata would be in Bangladesh. If not for Nehru, Kashmir would be fully integrated, Nepal would be with India, Tibet wouldn’t be with China. Yet, who became PM? Whose dynasty serially enjoyed power? Who was put to death in a Srinagar prison?

Tibetan activists say policies being imposed by the Communist Party of China in Hong Kong bear resemblance to what the Chinese government has been doing in other regions like Tibet.

In Tibet, the PRC government continued to conduct a campaign sending police into Tibetan homes as a means to further restrict the Tibetans and Tibetan Buddhism, even during the pandemic. #COVID19  #ReligiousFreedom 

Really, #UNHRC  ? No court intervention agnst #China  (repression/torture in Tibet & Xinjiang), #Iran  (torture/killings of pol prisoners) or #Pakistan  (torture, genocide in Balochistan) U hv no shame opposing #CAA  humanitarian aid to persecutd minorities? Even hypocrisy has limits

A fossil jaw found in the lofty Himalayan highlands of Tibet belongs to a vanished human species called Denisovans, deepening the mystery of human evolution in Asia, scientists said