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???? I’m done ? he caught me off guard with this ?? #ICONOLOGY  #THROWITBACK  @TheHeavyKevy ????

ATTENTION??I wanted to show y’all footage that didn’t make the cut for my new song & video “Throw It Back” my dancers had to LEARN TO DANCE TO THIS SONG in REVERSE! The illest ish ever?? a MIND fcuk!? go stream my collections called #ICONOLOGY  & new song & video “ThrowItBack

Stream my new song I performed on The VMAS last night called “ThrowItBack” off my EP “ICONOLOGY stream #iconology  and #ThrowItBack  ???????right here we SNAPPING

Imma snatch they WIGS TIL I SEE THAT SCALP????????stream #ThrowItBack  NEW SONG & VIDEO OUT NOW???Stream#ICONOLOGY 

#THROWITBACK video in 3 hours ... Hit that Reminder Button !! ?❤️? #ICONOLOGY 

Thank you @MTV  @vmas  @VH1  I had a blast with y’all today??❤️? Let’s Get It!!! #ThrowItBack  #CoolOff ?