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Did you know that almost 500 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute? thread'>Mega-Thread on the journey of Youtube along with 21 mind-blowing facts that you likely didn't know Would appreciate a re-tweet so that others can benefit as well.🧵👇

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In light of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, this clip of legendary stand-up comic George Carlin slamming conservatives and their anti-abortion argument is making the rounds 20+ years later Read the full thread:

Will post a thread today at 7 PM on the Inside Bar candlestick pattern which is best for BTST strategy. Retweet and like these tweet for maximum reach. So that more and more people can be benefited. #StockMarket  #Btst  #Nifty 

Following the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, some of the world's highest leaders spoke out on the major change in abortion rights in the United States. View the thread below to see their reactions.

As I said in the original thread, it's not even as if you need to lie to claim that Blair had a way better by-election record than the Tories! Or indeed that they never captured a Labour seat while he was PM.

Carry Forward Options trading has been difficult for last few months. Random Gap Ups and Gap downs makes holding position difficult due to large m2m swing. Will release a thread tomorrow. How to write option positions properly to avoid big m2m swing in negative opening.

The young couple pulled up to the Hollywood apartment on May 10, 1966 with $500 in an envelope to pay for an abortion. Cheryl spotted a police car across the street. LAPD officers from the abortion detail had been staking out the complex. Thread

#Earthquake  ( #sismo ) confirmed by seismic data.⚠Preliminary info: M5.0 || 58 km NW of #Coquimbo  ( #Chile ) || 5 min ago (local time 23:54:50). Follow the thread for the updates👇

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Democrat Rep. Andy Levin deleted a thread where he shared yoga positions to deal with "toxicity" of Roe v. Wade being overturned.


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THREAD In July 2018, a horrifying video began to circulate on social media. 2 women & 2 young children are led away by a group of soldiers. They are blindfolded, forced to the ground, and shot 22 times. #BBCAfricaEye  investigated this atrocity. This is what we found...

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We’ve received thousands of questions on the Geneva Conventions. So, we’re going to break down the rules of war you need to know right now. All states have signed these – and are legally obligated to follow them. Thread 👇

@saylor  As a general principle, for those looking for advice from this thread, it is generally better to own physical things like a home or stock in companies you think make good products, than dollars when inflation is high. I still own & won’t sell my Bitcoin, Ethereum or Doge fwiw.

One Canadian killed by gun violence is one too many. That’s why we’ve banned 1,500 types of military-style assault firearms. And that’s why, today, we’ve introduced legislation to further strengthen gun control in Canada. Thread ⤵️

For those of us who study autocracies, including elections in autocracies, there were a lot of familiar messages, symbols, and methods on display this week at the #RNCConvention . THREAD

If WFP can describe on this Twitter thread exactly how $6B will solve world hunger, I will sell Tesla stock right now and do it.

Tonight Nigerian security forces stormed the most prominent site of the #EndSARS  protests in Lagos, firing live rounds & killing several people as the government sought to end two weeks of marches against police brutality. Here's our report - and a thread:

THREAD: President Trump says these protests are professionally organized and the result of domestic terrorists and anarchists. Based on my reporting on the ground today, the vast majority of people gathering outside of the White House are everyday Americans demanding change.

Lawyers offering pro bono services for arrested protestors. Minneapolis, Houston, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles. I know there are far more doing the same thing in other cities please add them to this thread