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🔴 The British jihadist who carried out a terror attack at at synagogue in Texas was granted entry to the US despite having a string of criminal convictions. US officials have been accused of ‘dropping the ball’ Thread 🧵👇

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1/ THREAD: A build-up of Russian military on Ukraine's border is sparking international tensions. But what about the ordinary people caught in the middle? Bloomberg's @MarcChampion1  visited the last inhabited house before the front line. Read more ⬇️

Urgent action is needed to ease the pain of the cost-of-living crisis. Our new research shows the large impact of the energy price cap rise on the poorest families. Thread 🧵👇

The offshoring plans announcement to denial from country named in plans cycle is accelerating! Just a few hours this time for talks with Ghana to be reported then rubbished. See thread above if you're getting deja vu.

#Mexico , the world’s deadliest countries for the media, continues to sink ever deeper into a spiral of violence with 2 journalists murdered in less than a week THREAD

THREAD. "Climate refugees are currently a minor problem that could become a major global crisis," said Senator Kerry Nettle in (*checks notes*) 2007, before Rudd's ascendancy. . Do we really believe we have a 'special relationship' with Pacific Is nations?

thread'>Unblock Thread! Tell me who to unblock and I will probably unblock them...

Gotta go back to that one Seinfeld episode, Kievan Rus, the Zaporizhian Host, was Khrushchev Ukrainian? (the greatest thread in the history of forums), the Lviv/Lvov controversy (bubbe called it Lemberg), etc.


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If WFP can describe on this Twitter thread exactly how $6B will solve world hunger, I will sell Tesla stock right now and do it.

A thread of color photos of my father, as we commemorate his 93rd birthday. #MLK  #CorettaScottKing  #BelovedCommunity   #MLKDayD #ShiftingPrioritiesay 

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1/ ALRIGHT Y'ALL. ELECTION FRAUD DEBUNKING MEGA THREAD. I’m following claims of fraud and looking into them. I think I’ve solved most now. Nothing is holding up under any scrutiny so far so I’m making a thread to track in one place. Please RT! #ElectionResults2020  #Election2020 


THREAD In July 2018, a horrifying video began to circulate on social media. 2 women & 2 young children are led away by a group of soldiers. They are blindfolded, forced to the ground, and shot 22 times. #BBCAfricaEye  investigated this atrocity. This is what we found...

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For those of us who study autocracies, including elections in autocracies, there were a lot of familiar messages, symbols, and methods on display this week at the #RNCConvention . THREAD

Tonight Nigerian security forces stormed the most prominent site of the #EndSARS  protests in Lagos, firing live rounds & killing several people as the government sought to end two weeks of marches against police brutality. Here's our report - and a thread:

BREAKING NEWS: Erie, Pa. #USPS  whistleblower completely RECANTED his allegations of a supervisor tampering with mail-in ballots after being questioned by investigators, according to IG. THREAD:

Lawyers offering pro bono services for arrested protestors. Minneapolis, Houston, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles. I know there are far more doing the same thing in other cities please add them to this thread

As a former secretary of labor, I can tell you that we shouldn't be talking about stimulating the economy or going back to work. We should be talking about shutting down the economy and keeping people home, with enough money so they can pay their bills. THREAD.