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India has shipped tens of thousands of free doses of Covid-19 vaccines to neighbouring countries in what is being widely described as "vaccine diplomacy" But, what do we know about the vaccines?

Caravans of tractors clogged key highways in northern India as thousands of farmers protesting against #agriculturereforms  streamed into the capital ahead of celebrations for #RepublicDay2021  #FarmersProtests  #FarmLaws  #FarmBills  #FarmersAgitation 

Police on Saturday used water cannons and tear gas to disperse a rally by India’s main opposition Congress Party in Bhopa. Thousands of supporters had marched earlier to demand the withdrawal of new agricultural laws

Thousands Of Ageing Dams In India A Growing Threat: UN Report

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Tens of thousands of farmers have been camping out in Delhi protesting against reforms on farming laws. @kavpuri  asks what could India’s farmer protests mean for the nation’s economic and political future? Find out more on The Inquiry podcast.

#Coronavirus India Dispatch | Thousands skip #vaccination  , the need to think global for #COVID19vaccines  , a look at how #COVID19pandemic  affected women's work in Delhi & more... @BharathManjesh  brings us news relevant to India's fight against #covid19 

#Coronavirus India Dispatch | Thousands skip #vaccination  , the need to think global for #COVID19vaccines  , a look at how #COVID19pandemic  affected women's work in Delhi & more... @BharathManjesh  brings us news relevant to India's fight against #covid19 

India has begun the world’s biggest COVID vaccination campaign so far, deploying hundreds of thousands of health workers, with training & support of UN World Health Organization. On 16 Jan, the 1st day of the campaign, 207,229 vaccine shots were given across the country: UN News

India will start supplying hundreds of thousands of doses of ‘Covishield’ vaccine on a grant basis to key neighbours from Wednesday, beginning with 2,50,000 vaccine doses for Bhutan and Maldives.

Tens of thousands skip India’s COVID vaccination drive

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A special oath-taking in Suriname, thousands of miles away from India… India congratulates President Chan Santokhi and wishes him the very best for his Presidential term. We are very proud of the long-standing and deep-rooted cultural linkages with Suriname. #MannKiBaat 

India stands with Russia in solemn remembrance today, on the 75th Anniversary of Victory Day. Tens of thousands of Indian soldiers also made the supreme sacrifice in the Second World War. My warm greetings to President Putin and the Russian people on this occasion. @KremlinRussia 

The state of Kerala in India is currently witnessing huge floods, the most devastating in a century. Hundreds have been killed, hundreds of thousands have been displaced. Ahead of Eid Al Adha, do not forget to extend a helping hand to our brothers in India.

Thousands of forces deployed • Security crackdown imposed • Communications blackout • Severe restrictions of movement • Hundreds arrested It's been two months since India's crackdown on Kashmir - and the lockdown continues.

Astonishing claim by @narendranodi : Kashmir’s people now have the same rights as the rest of India. Like no cell phones and no internet? And detention without charge or trial for thousands of political leaders and activists?

Cities around Pakistan came to a standstill on Friday, August 30, as tens of thousands of people crowded the streets in a government-led demonstration of solidarity with the disputed region of Kashmir, after India revoked its autonomy this month.

Plot to kill #AmarnathYatra  pilgrims foiled. Attempt to poison thousands of devotees at Mumbra temple foiled. Every day, our undercover intel operatives quietly save lives without their faces/names flashing in media. I don’t think India thanks men & women in the shadows enough.

My young friends, I am eager to interact with you on the 16th of this month. I will talk about the need to appear for exams without stress and the importance of staying happy during exams. Thousands of students from all over India will join the programme via technology.

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Leisang village in Manipur, like the thousands of other villages across India has been powered and empowered! This news will make every Indian proud and delighted. #PowerfulIndia 

It was an honor to host you, . Israel & India are thousands of kilometers apart, but our people are now closer than ever. ????