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“This is not a complete withdrawal.” Thomas Gibbons-Neff sits down with Joshua Johnson to discuss the Pentagon’s recent decision to bring home troops from Afghanistan, and the situation in Kabul.

Our reporter Thomas Gibbons-Neff deployed to Afghanistan in 2008 as an enlisted Marine infantryman. He returned there a decade later as a journalist.

"The sentry had just started his 6-hour shift. He didn’t say much. A decade ago that would have been me [see Thomas Gibbons-Neff in 2008 below]. Easing back on a chair of makeshift sandbags and deciding what to think about for the next half-dozen hours."

In this week’s newsletter, Thomas Gibbons-Neff, a Times reporter and former Marine, shares his journal entries from February 2010 and the days leading up to Operation Moshtarak in Afghanistan

The Marines Didn't Think Women Belonged in the Infantry. She's Proving Them Wrong. (Thomas Gibbons-Neff / New York Times)

Before Saudi’s Visit, Administration Implores Congress Not to Block Military Aid via and Thomas Gibbons Neff

White House Chief of Staff Is a Longtime Defender of the Accused (Thomas Gibbons-Neff / New York Times)

Congratulations to one of the best!! Thomas Gibbons-Neff Joins the Washington Bureau