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"If we don't have some kind of bipartisan coalition in the center, you can't get anything big done," columnist Thomas Friedman says of the need for compromise between a Biden White House and a GOP Senate.

In Opinion President-elect Joe Biden's top priority, he told columnist Thomas L. Friedman, is getting a generous stimulus package through Congress, even before he takes office. Read more from the interview:

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Twitter/the blogosphere were always been kind of structured around arguing with Thomas Friedman, but the comments on this column run to "soothing balm"

Unintentionally hilarious (& scary) from @BuzzFeedBen : "As vice pres #Bidendent  []was particularly attentive to the wise men of Washington, e #foreignpolicyp  the columnists David Ignatius of The Washington Post and Thomas L. Friedman of The Times": #Blob  #MSM 

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman says the recounts and the court challenges of the 2020 election results "in a weird way, it may strengthen the system, and may actually strengthened Biden's legitimacy."

Thomas Friedman likens Trump to Jim Jones, cult leader who pushed his followers to drink poison-laced Kool Aid in mass suicide

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman urged national Democrats to move to Georgia and vote in its upcoming Senate runoff elections—a clear violation of state law, should the voters leave after the races conclude.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman said Tuesday night on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” that Democrats should move to Georgia and register to vote in the two runoff U.S. Senate races in January.

"A mask is not a cultural marker," says author Thomas Friedman, rebuking Pres. Trump. "A mask is a mask. And masks allows you to have more jobs, more activities and spurning those is what is so crazy about the whole thing."


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The Republican Party has become "a political brothel that rents itself out by the night to whoever will energize its base," says Thomas Friedman, as Pres. Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses.

Remember when New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman celebrated Communist China’s repressive regime?

Thomas “the ChinFriedman, a weak and pathetic sort of guy, writes columns for The New York Times in between rounds of his favorite game, golf. Two weeks ago, while speaking to a friend on his cell phone, I unfortunately ended up speaking to Friedman. We spoke for a while and...

I forgot to mention that at the end of Thomas Friedman’s column endorsing Bloomberg today, he had to issue a disclaimer saying that Bloomberg funds his wife’s charity. This is a storyline you will the now hear many times about tons of Bloomberg’s “supporters” whom he’s bought off

NYTimes columnist Thomas Friedman outs #JamalKhashoggi  as an anonymous source. Either Friedman (a Saudi regime apologist for many years) knows Jamal is dead and pretends otherwise or the NYT just outed its source while he is possibly held in the most dire of circumstances:

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Difference btwn op-ed by NY Times editorial board “Phony Wall, Phony Emergency” & new column by lib Times writer Thomas Friedman as he admits-real crisis on border & best solution is “high wall w/ big gate”? Answer: Friedman actually went to border.

In Opinion Op-Ed columnist Thomas Friedman writes, "Donald Trump is either an asset of Russian intelligence or really enjoys playing one on TV"

In Opinion Op-Ed columnist Thomas Friedman writes, "Donald Trump is either an asset of Russian intelligence or really enjoys playing one on TV"

Opinion: In an exclusive, Saudi Arabia's 32-year-old crown prince told Thomas Friedman of reform ideals that could change the global tenor of Islam

Next time you hear about children starving to death in #Yemen , where Riyadh is waging a war, remember Thomas Friedman tells us that the Saudi crown prince's "biggest sin may be that he wants to go too fast."