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Here, I make the case that the Huawei decision is a defining moment, maybe even threatening but not fearful, in UK-China relations | TheArticle

My piece for @Tweet TheArticle⁩ on the role of @BorisJohnson  in the demise of the @Telegraph ⁩ (and vice versa) | TheArticle

In which I am accidentally declared a physics genius - TheArticle

Cummings and Johnson are destroying Britain's reputation | TheArticle

A little guide to how the media would have covered @Matt HancockMP testing claims if Labour were in power... Stop whingeing Mr Hancock — the media has never been tamer | TheArticle

If he is fit enough to be at his desk and deliver that dreadful statement in Downing Street, he is fit enough to face the Commons and should do so. Calling government strategy a success with so many dead is delusional and weird - TheArticle

Great idea- or set up a war cabinet based on expertise rather than political allegiance. This isn’t a Tory problem so why not use all resources available to bring the country back. Use the five ex-Prime Ministers to confront the Covid crisis | TheArticle


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As ever trying to be helpful, an idea here for @BorisJohnson  as he returns to the fray. @Independent  and @Tweet TheArticle⁩ both running in full .... Use the five ex-Prime Ministers to confront the Covid crisis | TheArticle

Starmer’s good PMQs shows politics of Corbyn, Abbott and posh boy revolution left behind | TheArticle

My piece for @Tweet TheArticle⁩ on the disproportionate coverage of the PM's illness and the inherent risks to government | TheArticle

Piece on @matt  Hancock and football. Call for footballer pay cut was pure populism, a distraction from failings on issues for which he is responsible. He should stick to his job. Piece includes others he can now ‘tell’ to take a pay cut. TheArticle

My advice to journalists and ministers at today’s briefing -10 Qs for @BethRigby ⁩ @Peston ⁩ @bbclaurak ⁩ @PippaCrerar  @GuardianHeather  @GaryGibbonBlog ⁩ etc — 10 phrases @michaelgove ⁩ &Co should avoid in reply | TheArticle

With this as my guidebook I may, from the comfort of my sofa, give marks out of ten for today’s government briefers and journalists. Hope pressure raises the game .... Twenty Covid-19 questions for the government and the media | TheArticle

The  article claims that Trump didn’t merely get some family support, he received a vast fortune, and some of the family’s schemes amounted to “outright fraud.”