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"The Thanksgiving tale we tell is a harmful lie. As a Native American, I’ve found a better way to celebrate the holiday" writes Sean Sherman

The month of November is more than Thanksgiving. It's also Native American Heritage Month, a time designated to honor and recognize the contributions Indigenous people have made to the United States.

Statues of U.S. presidents were vandalized in Spokane, Minneapolis, Chicago and Portland on Thanksgiving, also recognized by some as 'National Day of Mourning,' to mark the theft of Native Americans' tribal lands, rights and sovereignty.

Native American Heritage Day is a civil holiday observed on the day after Thanksgiving. The holiday honors Native Americans across the nation.

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Charlotte native and Grammy-nominated artist DaBaby turned a parking lot into an outdoor restaurant to help feed the homeless community and all those in need on Thanksgiving.

National Native American Heritage Day on the day after Thanksgiving honors American Indians across the nation. The day celebrates Native Americans' vibrant cultures, traditions and heritage while recognizing the many contributions they have made.

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November is Native American Heritage Month, and the Friday after Thanksgiving is Native American Heritage Day.

Rihanna sends her love to 'mourning' Native Americans during the Thanksgiving holiday

Rihanna sends her love to 'mourning' Native Americans during the Thanksgiving holiday

The tradition of Thanksgiving being a day to remember America's early history lives on as we remember the Pilgrims and their struggle to survive, as well as the devastating impact on Native American populations.


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Plymouth, Massachusetts, finally gave Native Americans a voice in its Thanksgiving celebrations 400 years later

To reckon with Thanksgiving is to understand how it helped set off a painful history of trauma — massacres, abuse, and negligence — that Native Americans still carry 400 years later:

What a moment ? Philadelphia native Staff Sergeant Ivan Thomas reunites with his 12-year-old son, Ivan. Ivan hadn't seen his father in 18 months and had no idea he was coming back home for his favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

It's Ironic that we are celebrating Thanksgiving, while Native American's are being Tear Gassed and Shot with...

"The true story behind Thanksigiving was, after every killing of a whole village, these European settlers celebrated it." Do YOU know the truth about Thanksgiving? Watch as six Native American girls explain the real history behind the holiday.

"It's not a day of thanks. It's a day of mourning." These Native Americans reflect on what Thanksgiving means to them:

In keeping with long tradition, Army marks Thanksgiving by telling native Americans to pack up and leave. #NoDAPL 

Ahead of Thanksgiving, a reminder that Native Americans are still being treated like trespassers on their own land: